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Watched some of the Minn game 1.

It looks like the name of the game with Green Bay is keeping the D off balance and using the whole field. Their offense largely consisted of screen passes, end arounds/jet sweeps, and WR screens. Plus off tackle run plays including some sweeps. They nibbled the edges of the field in the beginning, moved the ball effectively with the short pass game and run game. Then they started taking their shots downfield after they wore them down.

I don’t know if is ARod or what, but they looked much more put together than we did week 1. ARod did not make that many tough throws early. A lot of it was pitch and catch. Then once he was heated up they started taking it downfield to Scantling and he threw some nice passes.

I think we’ll move the ball on them though.

Probably doesn’t mean much week 1, but on Football Outsiders the Lions are rated 15th in DVOA and the Packers 17th.

I posted this in another thread, but it fits here too…

After watching bits and pieces of the Packers Vikings game, here’s my keys to beating the Packers on Sunday.

On Defense…

  1. Stop the run - the Packers are really creative with their run game, so don’t focus solely on Jones and Williams. They get the wide receivers and special teamers involved in the run game. They had 158 yards rushing with 6 different runners. No one was dominant, but the run game was effective.
  2. Contain Adams - He torched the Vikings secondary, and opened things up for everyone else. MVS was running around wide open out there.
  3. Get to Rodgers - Rodgers looked like a God again, and the only way to make him uncomfortable is to hit him often. The lions need to get to the QB.

On Offense…

  1. Run the ball - I think the run defense is about the only weakness on this team. Running the ball well will control the clock, open things up for Stafford, and keep Rodgers in the sideline. Kenny Clark went out with a groin injury last week, that could be good news for us.
  2. Attack the middle - GB is young and inexperienced at MLB. Hockenson and Amendola could help here.
  3. Get creative With the playbook - GBs designed run and pass plays looked so creative, I would love to see Bevell get some of our guys the ball the way GB does. They are all about moving the chains, and taking their strikes deep. There were so many short, quick designed pass plays, it’s all about getting those 6, 7, 8 yards on 1st down so you can really open it up on 2nd and 3rd down. The fact that GBs offense is starting to look more and more like SF’s concerns me, as Rodgers is far superior to Jimmy G.
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Get to Rodgers but not at the expense of letting him escape contain and throw on the move. That’s where he’s by far the best I’ve ever seen. Just aN absolute magician outside the picket.

Collapsing the pocket is the ideal way to frustrate truly great QBs IMO. Easier said than done though.

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