Update on Drake

Still think we end up getting him for a fifth or perhaps a fifth and something.


I’m in for a 6th round pick.

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No idea what fair value is for this guy but we could use more RB talent
At the very least this guy might be a good fallback position
Problem is, his best football could be behind him

After we beat the giants I’d like to see BQ getting either Drake or Penny In a lions uniform next week.

It’s going to be Drake. If it’s Penny it’s going to cost a pretty penny. But the Lions supposedly loved him coming out so I guess it’s not impossible. Would take a 3rd I’d think. Maybe Logan Thomas and a fourth.

Should have worked him in with the Diggs trade.

They’d probably just trade him next year anyways. LOL

I just don’t see the Seahawks trading Penny this year unless it’s a significant offer. Carson has a significant injury history.

I really think Drake is by far the most likely with Adrian Peterson and Gio Bernard being two other options.

I loved watching Penny in college so I’d be all for it if the price was reasonable but I just don’t see it happening

I’m really leaning Drake here. I like him. Penny…I’ve never really got it to be honest.

I’d like a bruiser, but I don’t think any of these options qualify (Penny, Gordon, Drake)

Drake is explosive and he’d be a difference maker IMO.

Frankly, I think the Lions will stand pat, outside maybe of a depth player for a 7th. Unless a key injury to somebody kinda forces their hand. I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t see Drake or Penny or any other available RB out there doing any better behind our OL running the ball than the guys we got now. Not enough to make a difference anyway. So, I think they hold onto their draft picks and try to get to 9-5-1 and make the playoffs. They might even make it to 10-5-1 as some injured players return, but it also depends on who they lose too.

Gordon is a pretty tough runner. It’s just a totally different level of commitment or a very pricey rental.

dolphins singed Drake already.

Did you forget to take your medicine?


Maybe he meant that rapper singer Drake “singed” in Miami? :slight_smile: LOL


Yea…Yea…That’s the ticket!

The Lions RB anthem “Not Line Bling.”

nooo, I thought I read that is where he just went. try the Drake Deal Done thread, I guess it was an unidentified team Saturday???

Wolf, you’re gonna be kicking yourself