Use Use Early Picks to Finish the Offense or Bolster the Defense?

This was an excellent topic before the draft and it is even more relevant now. I forget who started that topic (or set of topics) but credit to them.

Regardless of how you feel about the flurry of free agent moves by the Lions moves were made, holes were filled and holes remain. How best to fill those holes is now the question. All teams rely on player growth and hopes here and there from team to team. What is the best path forward for the Lions?

I think we all agree a small trade down is the best path forward although Chase Young possesses the kind of talent that changes that question. So, trade down if Chase Young is there is a valid question at this point.

Would this team be best say drafting Chase Young and say a CB in rd. 2 for example? Say Trevon Diggs falls that far for example?

OR…stack the offense. With a small trade down draft the top OT who can also play guard this filling that hole and then draft a RB so the whole RB stable is good? There are four great OTs so pick your favorite and then pick your top RB to fall to RD. 2. Say Andrew Thomas AND maybe Jonathan Taylor?

IF we add a second rd. pick to option two…how does that change your mind? Does that change your mind EVEN IF CHASE YOUNG IS THERE?

What of the Lions could add an early OT, a top RB and then a CB in rd. 2 with the extra pick? AND the Lions have 2 3rd round picks too.

I am totally torn. I love BOTH options! If Chase is gone I prefer a trade down and then pick from who is available and make a strategy work. With a trade down in mind I prefer OT and RB and hope to get a solid CB in rd. with the trade down pick.

Say we landed Andrew Thomas, Jonathan Taylor and ten maybe the OTHER CB at Ohio State…Damon Arnette OR maybe A.J. Terrell? That would finish the offense and help a lot at CB.

If the Lions pick finish the offense and add to the defense with the trade down…that puts pressure on Austin Bryant as we didn’t add any edge help. That also puts a hell of a lot of pressure om a rookie second rd. CB. Tough option. But the offense looks pretty great…ESP. if a WR is added in rd. 3.


good points but nothing says most picks are going to be better than what we have now. Many Many draft picks don’t make rosters or are not on rosters by seasons end.

But you make sound points i would take the CB after small trade down , that is basd on I think Young is gone at pick 2

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you win games at the line, where we remain weak on both sides;

that means you take Young or the best player on the board if stuck at three, which happens to clearly be Okudah, his teammate;

no way i’d take Brown or Kinlaw in the top ten, maybe even top fifteen;

both are athletic and test well, but neither is dominant enough to clog the middle and take up two blockers or is known for their pass rushing skills;

they’re fine penetrating tackles but that is pretty much it;

Right on Coyote.

It is true they could also blend and try to do both. Say we add CB Okudah in rd. 1 and further, for discussion say that is without a trade down. Then we add RN Jonathan Taylor in rd. 2? How does that stack up as a strategy? OIt is VERY likely a really solid guard can be had in rd. 3. That would give you Okudah, RB Taylor and then a guard…so defense early and then finish the offense? I like that too.

And if the defense early, finish the O in rd. 2 and 3 yields another rd. 2 pick that also has merits.

Chase Young and maybe a CB in rd. 2? OR
Trade down, OT, RB and the defense? OR
CB Okudah, a RB and then a guard? And if you can trade down and still get Okudah that is also solid.

What combination is best?

This is the exact scenario I envision:
Lions take Chase at 003. This is what free agency prepared them for. They need an edge player and a second CB. If Chase is gone they can stay at three and grab Okudah or take a chance to get him by trading down and still getting Okudah. After Chase, the small trade down is my preferred outcome. An extra player. I would prefer we got Chase and a CB. The RB’s and WR we can get later. I think getting that extra pick allows them to get what they need at WR where we will have nobody in 2121.

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I’m not sure if you were talking about this previous post or not, but here’s what i said previously about this:

Let’s just say that Burrow and Tua go 1-2 with either SanDiego or Miam trading with Washington to get Tua…and you are now looking at Young at 3. Washington, Giants, Miami, and/or SanDiego offer a weaker trade – say their first and third because they value Young. Would you prefer Young at 3, or do you trade down for the extra third and get Okudah, Brown or Simmons?
I think you take the extra pick because you are still getting someone elite and Young may not have as much value in this defense. What would you do?

I’d still take the extra player. Certainly if the Giants came calling, you could still get Okudah and maybe their second. With 35 and 36, I’d go T and WR. Or if we miss out on both Young and Okudah, I still like Simmons, a T then a CB and leave WR or DT to round 3. All that said, With a different coach and scheme I’d certainly take Young.

The more I think about these options (clearly rd. 2 is impossible to know as who is available is unknown) but I think these chopices are tiered. I think this is choice 1!:

  1. Draft Chase Young if he is there. This makes the DL better, gives us depth, pushes Okwara into a depth role (which is great news…I like Okwara a lot as a depth guy) and gives us maximum flexibility. Clearly we love Flowers and if we can have Chase for cheap he becomes our future Flowers on his next contract if we are that lucky.

Flowers, Hand, Shelton, Chase Young, Okwara, Nick Williams, Austin Bryant and maybe DT John Atkins? The draft might also yield someone. That is nice.

Combine that with a CB t the top of RD. 2 and at least we have options there with Trufant, the rookie, Amani Oruwariye, Justin Coleman, Jamal Agneew and maybe Mike Ford or Tony McRae? Yea, I can live with that.

From there the rest of the draft can yield a starting ROG, WR depth, maybe a RB too?

If Chase is gone I think trade down and then see where happens. I am starting to think DT Derreck Brown may simply not be the man here. After Chase OT and CB seem to be more important pieces although with extra picks I would also be okay with Brown. But Okudah seems ;like a solid fit and OT gives us positional value and flexibility.

I think option 1B is CB Okudah…which really boosts this secondary. Past that maybe an edge defender slips…AJ Epenesa maybe? That would be a strong combination along with finding guard and WR depth in rd. 3.

Most of this could’ve been taken care by FA. But we had so much holes to fill, and we still do. I hoping we trade down, and take Simmons, and then DT/DE. I also want to get another starting CB so it won’t force us to take CB in round one.