Valenti: “ Sherman comments should send chill up spine”

Pretty much says Lions are dead in free agency. It is tough enough to attract free agents to Detroit without guys not wanting to play for Patricia. Lions can only sign former Patriots, because any FA with options wouldn’t sign here.



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This is the type of nonsense sheep believe. NFL players get one or two chances at a nice contract in their careers. Money and opportunity to perform are more than enough to attract FA’s. Will they choose Seattle over Detroit all other things being the same, sure but all other things are rarely the same!

Look. Patricia seems like a horrible coach to me, but this means less than nothing. It’s not a hot take that some players won’t like playing under that hardass style of coaching. Mike Valenti is a paid radio entertainer whose literal job is to say shit that gets people riled up. Mission accomplished for you, I guess. We already know Mike Valenti sends chills up your spine, you’ve made that clear many times. Let’s be honest, as soon as we saw the word “Valenti” in the post, we knew who the OP was going to be.


So bummed we can’t attract FA’s who feel like this:

“I have fun. I like music at practice. I like to hang out and be relaxed in meetings. I don’t like the stressful environment in football.

Sorry West Coast brah freaking stay out there. This is Detroit. There are many other players in the league, who are very very good that don’t have to have a stress free environment. There are many other successful teams and coaches that yell and swear. Over a dozen teams were chasing Mike Daniels last year. He was not a Patriot. He said before and during his tenure here how much he was impressed by Patricia. I know you will say, he had to say that, and he must have gotten a zillion times more money from us to come here. But the bottom line is, Quinn has signed highly sought after FA’s and he will this year as well. Not all have panned out, like Daniels. But no one has a crystal ball on injuries and that doesn’t change the fact that these guys were indeed sought after FA’s at the time. Jones Jr., Wagner, Lang, Flowers, Daniels and only one was a Patriot. When we land another top tier FA or two this year, you will be wrong again. Valenti is an annoying douche. Always has been, always will be. Hey, things may not pan out. It won’t be because we couldn’t get Richard Sherman.


Nah. It means a lot. It’s just another strike against Patricia. There’s a difference between being a hard ass and a jackass. Patricia doesn’t treat the players like professionals. Do you think Richard Sherman would need Matt Patricia barking at him? Why do you think Slay is as good as gone? He knows that Patricia is a joke. He is an asshole, and no decent players will come here as has already been proven unless it’s a gross overpay or former Patriot.

Most fans can’t stomach Valenti because he doesn’t sugar coat things. He tells it like it is, he is knowledgeable and when delusional fans push back he absolutely shreds them. Detroit sports is lucky to have Valenti.

Yeah. I stopped reading when Mike Daniels name was brought up. Can’t take an argument seriously when someone believes Daniels was a prized FA. Just another example of Quinn grossly overpaying players that good teams let walk. Daniels, Lang, Wagner, Flowers, Coleman. All badly overpaid, all players that good teams didn’t want to pay.

Daniels, Flowers, and Coleman have all badly underperformed as hand picked players for HC Matt Patricia.

The Lions have a low maintenance, versatile, durable guard who wants to stay here and the lions are going to let him walk. Quinn was going to trade for Gronk, etc etc. It goes on and on. We are close to the Millen years, but with a marginally better GM, and worse HC than any Millen hired.

It’s pretty easy being a sports writer or talk show host in Detroit, just say that everyone and everything sucks and you’re right 90% of the time.
Anyone can break down what Sherman said and find everything wrong with what he said…even Valenti, if he wanted to. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.

Ok follow the logic Iggy…Sherman is full of shit and here is why.

Sherman signed with the 49ers on March 5, 2018…Patricia was hired on February 5, 2018 and training camp opened on July 26. How could Sherman have ANY clue of how Patricia would run his camp?

He is full of shit and possibly based his decision on a perception of Patricia…and no way based on the rationale he is using.

And Daniels is a good example, you said “no other players” except former Pats…well Daniels isn’t and was never a Pat so your point is moot. Now if you wanna argue the signing, that’s a different story but can’t change the fact now.

We all get it you hate Patricia, but enough with the creating a mountain out of every granule of sand you find.

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im one of the few on this board who actually enjoys valenti but not because he has some intelligent takes. He is entertaining though.

This is the boat I’m in. He’s an entertainer

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In that interview he also said “I dont want to go to Detroit and lose”. I think he was speaking more to the Lions shitty history of losing all the time, when he was talking about culture.

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Agree…and that’s a shot at the Ford’s not Patricia but somehow his comments are support for peoples malcontent with Patricia.

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I’ve got the vapors.


You lost all intelligent people at Valenti.


I respect Iggys opinion infinitely more than Valenti’s. Dude is a hack. A hack with a following, but a hack nonetheless.

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All things being equal, the Lions being in Detroit is always going to put them behind most other teams. And im not a fan of the culture with the Lions either…it’s fine if you’re winning, but we have yet to see that.

I totally agree, and it seems like all but the most ardent of “haters” don’t put any stock in this. It’s the same sort of stuff that Mike Daniels said, just in the opposite direction. And I didn’t believe Daniels, either.

It’s always convenient how the team that offers the most money and the least relocation hassle magically has the best “culture”.