Vegas odds have Lions going offense with 1st pick

I’m kind of puzzled here. Every indication points to Detroit going defense, but Vegas seems to think otherwise.

I doubt it. Okudah is a lock.

That said, drafting Ruggs would be a game changer for the offense. They haven’t had a deep threat like him since Calvin. That would open up the slot for Hock & Danny. He’d be the Lions version of Tyreek Hill.

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I think Vegas thinks the Lions might draft Tua. Either that, or the +/- was switched.

Or an OT if they trade down. With Decker a UFA after this season, having an eventual replacement in place would make sense. Or, Decker could be moved to RT (ala Riley Reiff) and the rookie play LT.

I’m guessing they think OL is in serious play

Double trade down…get Jeudy and the best available OT in the first…then the best available RB, DE in the 2nd.

I didn’t read it. Is it based on the #3 spot? That’d make sense. Otherwise, I’d agree. An O pick doesn’t seem likely, even though it’s what I want.

I think going offense makes alot of sense first they got alot MP guys for The D in free agency. If this team going thrive next year it will be bevell’s offense. This offense was pretty good last year and about 3 players away from being really special. A WR that can take the top off.( Witch we might have in Marvin Hall) a true RB that can break off Chuck runs. And a quility olineman. I look for 2 of top 3 pics to be offense. Because the offense will be the heart of this team.

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They also don’t specify where that first pick will be. The likelihood of a trade down and then likely an OT might play a role in those odds.