Veteran LB Kamalei Correa wants to be traded

Matt P and Bob Q. Should be making this call. Offer a 7th.

Dammit! No Patriot ties. We’re not going after him

What I like about Correa is that he gets North-South


Is he slow? Does he miss holes? Can’t cover?


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I don’t know. I’m just here to make crappy geography jokes.

He was traded to the Jags though so he’s essentially a North Correan

IF he’s a Veteran LINEBACKER , can WE thumb our noses at that and say “nah not worth our time.” ?

He’s in that bigger slower LBer mold. A perfect fit for MP … lol

But the truth is he’s a converted DE. He’s an edge/LBer type. What I like about him is that he’s still young, still growing as a LBer, he loves the game and has a non-stop motor. He wants to play and will put forth good effort.

I’d definitely take a look with the crappy LBer play we have and the need for pass rushers.

Unfortunately he was traded to Jax along with a 7th In exchange for a 6th. Jax got him cheap.

Great, now he’ll probably come in to FF on Sunday and go off. With two days of practice, LOL.

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I think in this case, you get what you pay for.

This is the kind of deal I’d be doing all day every day if I were a GM. Trading low-round magic beans for legit NFL talent. I don’t really know anything about Correa specifically, but even a legit backup LB is pretty much a home run for a 6th.