Vicis Zero1 football helmet

Have you guys seen this yet? I was always wondering, if the players don’t want concussions then why not make a football helmet that wasn’t so hard leaving the head to take all the impact…and this is exactly what this company did.

Are teams using these yet?
(I guess I needed to watch the rest of the video…they do)…including guys like Russell Wilson and Golden Tate.

Makes sense, distribute the energy absorbed to a much broader base.

And no, haven’t heard of it.

This is why I like to date big booty girls. When pounding at them, their butt absorbs the energy.

Well, maybe you need to get them one of these for when you put them on their head.

And by head we mean:

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Myles Garrett’s job being taken by a machine!

Better learn to code, Myles…


Maybe with the passing of Fred Cox, I’ll invent the nerf helmet and have Myles as my spokesperson!

Their helmet has been around for a few years now and is NFL approved. Their was an independent test a while ago - - and they won while going up against the top helmet companies.

I think they should make pads the same way, Have a hard form fit shell surrounded by foam layers on either side. It would lessen impacts and provide more grip for the tackler at the same time.

I remember back in the 90’s Mark Kelso from the Bills had a few concussions and a company developed a pad to go over the top of his helmet, He looked like Marvin the Martian but he never got another one:

Mark Kelso, a safety for the Bills from 1986 to 1993, wore an outer-padded helmet as a starter in four Super Bowls and finished with 30 career NFL interceptions. Many highly drafted, highly paid safeties wish they could say they had a career as good as Kelso did. Steve Wallace, an offensive tackle for the 49ers from 1986 to 1997, wore an outer-padded helmet and made the Pro Bowl. Many highly drafted, highly paid tackles wish they could say they played as well as Wallace did. You can wear an outer-padded helmet and be a very effective football player – while doing less harm.

“Kelso went to outer padding because he’d sustained two severe concussions and been advised to give up football. “The Bills’ trainer knew an inventor who had been tinkering with padding,” Kelso told me last week. “With padding, I played an additional five seasons, almost 100 more games, and sustained only one concussion, which wasn’t a helmet-to-helmet hit – someone kneed my head. Absolutely the padding made it safer for me and safer for the players I was hitting. You can’t use an outer-padded helmet as a weapon. Pound a padded helmet against your own knee; it doesn’t hurt. Do that with a standard polycarbonate shell helmet, and you’ll howl in pain. If both players were wearing this in a helmet-to-helmet hit, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad.””

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We had a guy wear one of those in high school. We called it the condom. That is all.

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Maybe that’s the secret, to layer the helmet.

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Shrek was right all along!

Those were terrible. The new helmet is generations better.

Forgot all about the Great Gazoo.

For some reason I thought it was Tasker who wore that shell.