Video - 6 year old arrested at school - WTF?

I don’t know about the rest of you but this pisses me off. Watching that girl beg for someone to help her as a police officer arrests her really pisses me off. All because she had a temper tantrum?

Police and school officials are suppose to be there to protect the innocent not to traumatize them. We see more everyday that police officers need better training.

First issue is that a school would call the police all because they are incapable of handling a 6 year old. Then to request to press charges on a 6 year old. (Which they later denied) This shows poorly on the school and their staffs inability to handle a situation.

Secondly the police have to have better judgement than this. There must be better safe guards in place so incidents like this don’t happen. I realize this is an officers mistake but this shows poorly on the police dept training. Officers are there to deescalate a situation not to escalate one.

I have a 6 year old daughter and if the school had her arrested I’d probably be arrested too. I can’t imagine a police officer doing this to my child.

What the hell is wrong with this world?

We see the authoritarian face of this out of control government, is more like it!
Intimidate the fuck out of the kids while they’re young and hope it sticks with them? I think I’d prefer a swat.

I guess since I wasn’t there, I’d have to wonder why they arrested my child and then,
I guess, I would have to find a way to punish my child for that behavior. There are ways to handle behavior.
How would you suggest a teacher handle a violent child? Most of them turn their backs. I was told to restrain the one child I was brought in for, until he was too tired to continue. This child was mad because the trannie who was his father insisted the child address him as Aunt Jane.
How would you suggest they handle one masturbating in class. Well, what they told me was to escort him to the quiet room and allow him to finish.
If he said inappropriate things to the female students or teachers to say that’s inappropriate but otherwise ignore it. He came armed to school all the time in a zero tolerance district, but they would not suspend or expel him because he was black and that was against the school policy. He was being molested by his older brother, who in turn was being molested by his mother tricks.
The three females in this wonderful class were hyper-sexualized by their male cohorts who though only 14 would talk about drinking beer and screwing the girls in the class. One female would yell out obscenities the whole day. Strategy to handle this person was to not take any notice. Again, with the that’s nice, let’s get back to work.
The other one was there because her dad and mom were brother and sister. If you think the school or any police agency could control a child that has exceeded their ability to do so, you also need to understand the gamut of behaviors in a single class are tremendous.

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I guess in other words, each case is handled individually and the judgement used by the professionals I can’t question unless I know the totality of the circumstances. That is a real situation and that’s not dealing with emotional disorders, learning deficits, handicaps.

Are you talking 6 year olds?

Nope, mine were eight and nine, 4th graders.

6 year olds are kindergarten and 1st grade level kids. They have undeveloped coping skills. The school has a responsibility to help that child learn right and wrong behavior. To help that child develop those coping skills.

The school and police officer didn’t do that. They traumatized this child in a crucial stage in life where it could effect them long term.

The article says she assaulted three employees and one preferred charges. Well, somebody is denying that, but for what other reason would the resource officer be called if not to arrest the child. I am not advocating the arrest. But certainly, there was a request from someone over her behavior. Look, I was assigned to one child and watched teachers turn away so they could,or would not have to intervene. I was of course in an elementary school and watched a second grade boy grab a girl by her pig tails and kick her in the face twice. I intervened and the boy struck me several times while I escorted him to the office, screaming that his mother was going to sue me the entire way. Now, this seven year old was using deadly force on a six year old. Did he deserve to be arrested?

I am sorry, but the school is tasked with protecting your children and then measures taken to protect them are excluded. This child is violent. Violent disruptions are as harmful to the other children as her arrest was to her. When does it become normal for the rest of the children and staff to be protected from her outbursts?

Let’s get something clear. A 6 year old is not assaulting 3 adults. Come on man …

Yes someone requested it. Which clearly means they aren’t qualified to handle a 6 year old child.

No that 7 year old would not deserve to be arrested. We’re talking kids here not criminals.

School employees should be qualified to handle an unruly child. In your example should the child be:

Reprimanded? … yes,
suspended?.. possibly,
expelled? … not unless it was repeated behavior and other children were at risk.

Arrested … never.

My wife teaches lower elementary. They have 2nd and 3rd graders that throw tantrums and start throwing chairs. Teachers have had bones broken trying to restrain them.

If my wife has to call the cops to come restrain a kid instead of getting injured herself, so be it.

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I saw a whole bunch of it, and if someone didn’t intervene it would have escalated. I bet my last dollar this wasn’t her first outburst. I obviously didn’t file charges against the kid who assaulted me. But, watching it happen repeatedly with the same kids, well, that blurs your definitive line for me. What do want from me? I stated I didn’t advocate the arrest, but I can see reasons it might have been done. It was handled poorly. She should have been removed and her parents summoned to the school.

I have a 6 year old child. There’s absolutely no way that child could break a teacher bones.

She’s 40lbs soaking wet. All it would take to restrain her is give her a hug.

We’re not talking 5th graders or teenagers here.

Not all 6 year olds are built the same. It doesn’t take a lot of force to break bones. One I recall was a first grader stomping a teachers foot.

Nothing I appreciate your stance and I’m just debating my point.

Here is the thing. The child was calm and reading when the officer arrested her. The child wasn’t unruly, out of control or being disruptive.

What should have been done in this situation was to get the parents involved and possibly reprimand the child. Work to get to the bottom of a child’s outbursts and build a plan to correct the behavior. In this case the child has a condition that causes outbursts.

A 6 year old doesn’t understand being arrested. They’re not mentally developed to be handled that way. All you succeed in doing is to traumatize the child. Which doesn’t get the child the help she needs. All you do is compound the problem.

Did you see the child in the video? She’s maybe 45lbs Max.

I agree with you that in the case you sited arresting the child was stupid, especially if she calm when the officer arrived. My point is that teachers should not be have to put themselves in harm’s way to deal with children that are having fits and yes, even small children can injure adults, especially when projectiles are involved.

I love my wife. I dont want her to come home injured because someone’s brat flipped out and threw a chair at her.

Sleep apnea, for real dude. She falls asleep. That doesn’t cause aggression. She might get frustrated because she is behind and even angry, but her condition doesn’t cause aggression like maybe a TBI might. I do agree in this case, but rules that exclude people from arrest, I don’t agree. I have a young nephew, has Asberger’s disease. He is violent. He is in special ed, but he has also been arrested. I have worked in the situation and it is highly difficult to navigate. But, he knows right from wrong and if he did something wrong he will be arrested. He knows it and has managed to stay out of trouble, especially since his arrest.

Without the whole story, It’s hard to slam a table too hard. But from what I saw, whatever the child had done prior, she was calm sitting in the office. I’ve got zero issue with perp walking smart ass high school kids that take swings at teachers or lay hands on them. This little one? Very bad form. Prior to “arrest,” IMHO the police officer should have taken a parental moment with the teacher. Are you going to be good, because if not and you don’t listen to Mrs. Jones I’ll have to come back and you will get in trouble. The girl was at the pleading stage and I really do get tough love, but handcuffs at 6 is a little too much for me. Again she may have stabbed a kid in the eye with a pencil for all I know, but from what I saw, terrible waste of a very valuable and understaffed resources.

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Do you have children?

Sleep apnea causes lack of sleep. Which makes small children unruly, and difficult. They often throw fits because they have yet to develop coping skills. That’s all they know at that age.

I guess where do we draw the line at?

News at 11 — A local child care provider presses charges on toddler. That kid threw a rattle at me. Look at the knot on my head. Kids like this should be thrown in jail! The provider screamed to the 911 operator. A Swat team was dispatched… . It took 9 off us to surround the baby’s play pen. Said captain Russell… Kid was crying and throwing toys at us the entire time. He’s a menace to society. Good thing officer Maddox was able to tackle the child just before he climbed up the side of his play pen. We feared for our lives. The kid was about to escape. We had to call in backup just before the child’s mother arrived and gave it a bottle. Luckily he fell asleep shortly after. Whew that was a close call. Thank good he was asleep when we tossed him into a restraining jacket and escorted him to jail. I hope the judge throws the book at this kid and he spends the rest of his life in there. Several of us hardened officers will likely suffer PTSD from this. We just shouldn’t have to be subjected to this type of brutality.

I really think this is just as ridiculous as that.

We’re talking about a 6 year old here.