**Vikings vs Cowboys SNF Thread**

For what I believe is the first time in my life, I’m going to root for the Cowboys. Screw it, I want to root for a team that actually gets the calls instead of being on the butt end of them for once.

If the Lions had an ice cube’s chance in hell, I’d be rooting for the Cowboys. As a fan, I like the Vikes better. Cowboys are one of my least favorite teams.


“My team” I’m rooting for just raped a receiver and it led to an incomplete pass to that guy. No call. Feels good. I could get used to this.

LOL. I really would much rather it be called even. I don’t even want NBA style “reputation calls.”

Purely as a fan, I would root for damn near anyone that’s playing against the Cowboys. I’m a little conflicted here, because it feels like the Vikes could be good for a loooong time. Their window of opportunity feels like it could be 5 years or more, and we will be playing them at least twice/year.

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At least in the NBA the “reputation calls” are heavily geared towards players reputation. In the NFL they simply pick entire teams and either favor them or shit on them based on the logo on the helmet.



I’ve never been this close to not watching NFL anymore. I love the Lions so much. Lots of the time, I wish I didn’t have this much emotional investment in them. I guarantee, if properly researched we are the most screwed over team in NFL history.

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I’m realizing how bad I have a case of Running Back Envy!

Officials are starting to get amped up for the 4th to help the Cowboys to a bullshit victory that they didn’t earn. I’m even getting pissed over non-lion games.

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I usually can never root for a Division team but I hate the Cowboys so damn much that given our chances of winning the Division (I figure less than 1% LOL) I can easily make the exception tonight.

Dak really is winning me over as a QB though. I considered him overrated for a long time but not anymore


Ok…that “Hands to the Face” penalty on the Vikings DB just showed that the refs are going to do their best to get the Cowboys in the End Zone

My chick is a Cowboys fan unless they are playing the Lions, she lived in Dallas. Dak is from just outside of where I lived for 9 years in Louisiana. For Michigan people, if I was in Lansing…he was out in Holt. I love that Jerry chose to pay his own players when the money was due, rather than let them walk and go pay a bunch of other teams players. I love Zeke, my position was running back and he wears my old number.

This honestly is the one time in my life I could get used to rooting for the Cowboys.

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Geez Cook almost give it to Dallas

Just WOW

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2nd dropped pick six by the Vikings DBs

So that is how your supposed to defend a Hail Mary???

Who knew :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, that is cool.
All understandable stuff.

The man went 3 for 3 on hail Mary’s in that calendar year. And all 3 teams played it 3 different ways and he still completed it.


I actually credit the Packers coaching staff. They designed that play perfectly with guys running the group of DBs deep in the End Zone then forming a wall and the TE coming along late and right at the goal line relatively clean to win the jump ball.

It was well designed and well executed by the Packers

They ran it 3 different ways and all 3 of them were successful. And yes I agree, it was a beautiful design. Aaron was on NFL radio and he said that Mike McCarthy put a high priority on hail mary plays, believe it or not. They had dedicated practice sessions for it every single week. Once they threw them enough they could see the patterns in what led to completions vs not.

The one he completed vs the Cardinals was a similar concept to the one he completed against us…just with less people involved. Basically, the Cardinals played it like everyone else does…having guys run back to the endzone and kind of wait there. This makes it so that you are kind of jumping flat footed though. The Packers take advantage of that by having their guy short of the endzone until the ball is launched, then getting a good running jump. The receiver outjumped Patrick Peterson because of it. I’m almost thinking the new way to cover hail mary’s against a team as good at it as the Packers is to have a few guys really deep, but you also need to man the guys up and use a trail technique. Now the DB has a good running start as well as position on the receiver instead of vice versa.

I did think it was funny how people thought Calvin should have been on the field, when the coaching staff was concerned about the “throw it around kind of a thing.” Alot of teams wouldn’t have launched it from there. Then fast forward a few years later, when the Pats were ready for a hail mary with Gronk back to defend, and the Dolphins did the “throw it around kind of a thing.” Who missed the key tackle? :rofl: