Visits with Draft Prospects

File this away for next week but it gives an interesting visual as to what position groups teams are talking to. Not exactly sure how accurate the data is but as you can see, the Lions are doing some work on CB’s (kind of interesting considering Okudah seems logical) and literally no interest in LB’s (makes sense). You guys see anything else that jumps out? I am basically planning on the Lions taking most of their players from the 2020 Senior Bowl North Roster.


You got a link bub, or maybe I can find it through the klingon guy

Sorry, screen shots are hard to see. I tried to add the actual picture.

Nice find, brother!
Truly the opposite of what I want. So, we draft CB high, Roll with the RBs we have, and draft OL and DT in mid rounds…shhhiiiiiit!!! Not at all a fan of what we’ve visited with.

Could mean the inverse though - they just met with 1 or 2 RBs that they like so much that they know they will take them high? Could mean they DON’T plan to take CB high, and had to see a ton of them, so they know what they are getting late.

I think most likely, they won’t draft the way I want them to.

What is going to suck is when we fire Matty P and Quinn in the offseason, we will be left with a roster that will need to be overhauled to fit whatever scheme the new regime wants. This year will be huge for the future of the Lions franchise moving forward.

One way to look at it is, the Lions have not met with any edge players and we know they are going to draft some, so this is not a complete picture in any way. We also happen to know they had a virtual interview with Terrell Lewis. I think Undin would quit if they stand pat on the DE/edge position.

And don’t forget they ‘met’ with a lot of these guys at the Senior Bowl. At linebacker, for instance, while they may not have officially visited with any of them, they actually coached Malik Harrison and Logan Wilson and Zack Baun and Josh Uche. They probably know more about those guys than anyone they talked to through a screen.

Lions with little to none QB visits? Thought they talked to Tua and Herbert?

I don’t think that’s very accurate. IWe know they’ve met with 2 of the top QB prospects and I know they’ve met with at least 3 LBers but that chart doesn’t show they meeting with any.

Here are a few pre draft visit trackers. I know there’s all some missing some off each list too. Looking at them all may help you get a better picture.

Here’s what Walter football shows.

This last list seems the most accurate to me.