Warford makes 3d Pro Bowl with Saints

John Sigler

Warford has made the Pro Bowl in each of his first three years with the Saints. Arguably their best free agent signing in the Sean Payton era after Drew Brees and Demario Davis.

Somewhat surprising, but then again if they’re using him like Jahri Evans, maybe not.


We all complained about Mayhew, Quin could only dream of having a draft like this.


Why do people obsess over players that are no longer on the team? I don’t get it. Warford wanted to be paid and the Lions went with a cheaper option.

Well he also did draft this:

TJ Lang was not a cheaper option.

The Lions paid near identical money to sign Lang and Wagner as Warford and RR got.

Warford didn’t want to be here otherwise he would have taken the money the Lions were offering, but he tested the market and he moved on. Technically they paid TJ less.

And I didn’t mention Wagner, so that is irrelevant.

More like pissed, by letting players go that we are still trying to replace to this day.

To be sure, not one of Quinn’s better decisions.

Actually, the reason I posted it was because I didn’t realize that Warford had even made a single Pro Bowl, let alone three. I suspect others here may have been in the same boat.


Quinn has had some really great selections himself including Kenny Golladay, Glasgow, D. Hand, J. Agnew and Tracy Walker to name a few.

Letting Warford walk has always been a head scratcher for all of us as we liked Larry. And he was younger than Lang. But at that point Lang WAS a clearly better player but also with red flags due to age and injury. I noticed that no one mentioned getting rid of Reiff…and that looks like a solid decision as it is being reported that Reiff was a terrible LOT and his $ due is WAY too high for his level of play. Reiff is likely to get cut in 2020. Not keeping Warford was a mistake. Larry is now 29 (in June) and playing at a high level.

Quinn has to be thinking about that as we look at re-signing Glasgow right now. Graham can play center and LOG too. We simply have to re-sign Glasgow which will correct the mistake of letting Warford walk years back.

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I may not have this right, but I could swear that Warford wanted out. The Lions signed Lang 3 days after Warford left. I think the Lions would have kept Warford, but I think Warford was done with playing for the Lions.

A change is scheme was the problem. Warford was one of the best OGs in the NFL his rookie season in a hybrid power blocking scheme Linehan employed. When Caldwell came in, the switch was to a zone blocking scheme. Here’s a nice article which sums up the issues:

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Warford should have never left us. We blew it by keeping our OLine coach.

He was a good OG. And he actually regressed under Prince’s coaching. Once a real coach got a hold of him he was good again.

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@Freebird is right. That drop in performance along with some injuries had put question marks on his real worth.

Reiff had a 71 rating from PFF, Decker had a 75 and to be clear Reiff was never going to play RT wherever he ended up. He was serviceable in Minn this season, they can save almost $9 million if they cut him this year so we’ll find out fairly soon if the Vikes agree with your assessment. Really liked the Golladay pick at the time because he was Northern Illinois only real weapon and put up great numbers even when he was double teamed. Graham was simply picked where he was suppose to go and we had a need, not sure that you can pat them on the back for that one. D. Hand was also a pick for need who fell because he never lived up to his potential, but they could have passed so yes they get credit for that. The Lions had finished last in passer rating in 2016, so taking a 4 year starter in Agnew made sense. Also taken about where he was suppose to go. Walker was a huge mistake because Mark Andrews was sitting there. Had we taken the “Doak Walker” award winner no way we would have had to draft Hock. Walker was 11th in receptions allowed this year.

There is NOTHING about Quinn’s drafts that has been impressive.

Not wanting to pee on this, but does anyone think that having Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram and a HOF QB at the same time had just a wee bit to do with oline accolades, while we had Amir Abdullah and hot garbage? Yes I liked Warford, but we were also moving to a heavy outside zone team going student body right and left all game. Warford was more of an inline power blocker, who would do fine in Bevell’s more inside zone scheme and which he does fine in NO. But we do not live in a vacuum. As much as we want to believe we do. We face a similar situation this offseason. Is everyone game to hand Graham Glasgow 10M per season? Because if we don’t he’ll get it from somebody and we’ll probably watch him be good there. Just sayin…

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Walker was a fine pick and IMHO will continue to develop into a top flight FS. Those don’t grow on trees and 3rd round value is great. You can always nit pick and go see see, we could have had X. But if you are honest, all 32 GM’s passed on that amazing TE prospect for 2.5 rounds too. I hated the Hock pick then, and don’t like it now. But I’m not going to clown the Walker pick when he is a good player now, in a scheme that unfortunately allows rookie QB’s to scan the field for 10 minutes before having to throw the ball. None of our secondary players, not even Slay are going to put up great numbers in this system, until we get a consistent rush that gets there in under 3 seconds, not 8.

Warford is better than Glasgow IMO. Warford also wanted out. He wasn’t signing here.

IMO, Warford was the last good RG we’ve had. I’m okay letting Glasgow.

HARDLY a “nit pick”, we had let Ebron and Fells go and it was by far our biggest need at that point. We were counting on a guy who literally had played only a handful of NFL downs and some castoffs to be our TE’s and we got what we deserved by doing so. This has nothing to do with whether I think Walker will “continue to develop”. it was everything to do with how that pick had a domino effect that had us using an 8th and huge FA bucks to fix what should have been their highest priority esp in the 3rd round the year before. So I “clowned” the pick, lol, good one.

lol I saw what you did there…


And NOLA has been to the playoffs every year, and we haven’t. That’s kind the point.
Do you want to win or cheap out?