Watch out, Stafford topic

This question is simmering on the back burner keeping warm right now but when do you think he’s going to retire a Lion or as a NFL QB?

The more I think about it, healthy enough to play Matt would play into his 40’s…with his back mended/better here in 2020 I’m not ‘as’ certain he will now, and that’s why I poised the question.
I say bare minimum, 5 more seasons I just don’t see Matt NOT playing 5 more and hanging it up in 2025.
So , elephant in the room is his heir/replacement. It’s a very serious subject over these next 5 years gong forward…I KNEW he was our Starter here in 2020, that’s why I don’t get into much QB discussion outside the OA quality of back up upgrade for injury sakes.

But this : Tua, Herbert, Burrows, stuff it doesn’t hold much of my attention outside how that affects our chance at getting Chase Young.

Always have loved Stafford, but there is NO denying the timetable staring at us from the horizon now.

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I think this is a good question and I hope posters stay on topic and do not make it a Stafford debate. Wether you think he should be a Lion or not you can still answer how long you think he will play. Without turning it into a lengthy debate.

I think he likely plays until age 36-37 years old. He’s currently 32 years old. So 4-5 more years.

Stafford is very competitive and it’s clear he loves playing the game. I think he plays as long as his body lets him. However his lack of mobility and lack of a run game open him up to some nasty hits. I figure they start taking there toll soon. I honestly think the Lions have a 2-3 year window.

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This year is critical. If he suffers another injury that ends his season I think that would really weigh on him.

If he finishes the season healthy we should contend for a wildcard spot. I think that would be enough to keep him going.


Stafford’s a gamer . His past back issues , should be a non issue now. He should have a quality 5 years easy . I would cap his years at 7 without a Superbowl win or a guy that would hang up his cleats after a Superbowl victory at any point .

I could easily see us contending this year and only improving from this point on if we stay healthy and Stafford staying right here for his duration

All bets are off though if we do fail , a new regime (GM and Coach) will have a decision to make, as well as Stafford himself.
I could see him not wanting to start over here with a new regime in his last years and look to leave via trade or release…


I agree a lot rides on how healthy he stays this year. If he stays generally healthy he’ll keep playing. I’d love to see 4 or 5 more years from him if he wants it…

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I could see several scenarios play out. If he gets an injury to his back for the 3rd straight year (god forbid), it would change everything. It would probably make him contemplate retirement, but it would/should also trigger the Lions to think seriously about looking at new blood. It also limits the ability to trade him.

On the other hand, if he plays well this coming year, and the Lions only win 5-7 games, the coach and GM get fired, I could see him asking to be traded. A new regime would likely want to start fresh with their own QB as well.

How I see it going is that he will play pretty well this year, everyone will stick around for 2021 and after a wildcard appearance, they will give MS another extension.

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Hi Samsalt1…gees, been awhile glad that you made it here. always good to see long term Den posters come home .

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Don’t take a Bq this draft. There are some good qbs coming out in the next 1-2 yrs. look at trying to get one of those.

Some that come to mind…to name a couple, and there are a few more. Don’t have to take one this year.


Career numbers : 265-of-393 (67.4), 3,601 passing yards, 45 TDs, 3 INTs; 750 yards rushing, 14 TDs


Career numbers : 527-of 804 (65.5), 6,945 yards passing, 66 TDs, 12 INTs; 740 yards rushing, 10 TDs

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If you ever have your back hurt its never the same as it used to be.

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I think this is Stafford’s last year as a Lion unless we are a top regular season team or win a playoff game.

Yep, and with his wife having health issues he could retire tomorrow for all we know.

At this point in his career, it’s simply yr to yr… game to game health wise.

I wish I knew him better on how he thinks. Point is, if his is loyal to the team and wants to stay here after he retires - does he willingly accept the role of backup and mentor to his successor?

I would love this way as we knowingly bring in a rookie who will be in a positive environment to learn for a yr or two as they transition from Matt to whom ever…

I don’t foresee Stafford being somebody who slowly diminishes, Phillip Rivers- or Joe Flacco-style.

I think he’ll get injured significantly enough that that will be it, at some point. Once a person has back problems, they always have back problems.

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Yeah, isn’t back to back ankle sprains… It’s fractured back bones on a pretty immobile QB. 2 years in a row.

This could be an Andrew Luck situation at some point, where he gets out there into some live action in the summer and takes a couple pops, hits the turf a few times and just says, F this. Back injuries could be almost as bad as concussions after retirement. Ankles, knees, shoulders, even hips can be fixed and replaced, but lingering back pain can be flat out debilitating. Hopefully, for him and his family, he has no issues and we forget about the back after a while, but right now it seems like a ticking time bomb.

Thanks Wolf. I’ve stayed away for awhile…hope you’re doing well (same goes for everyone)

This topic makes me wonder… has there been any real update on Stafford’s injury, other than his wife on Instagram? (forgive me if I consider that useless info).

Same thing goes for TJ Hockenson. Dude’s ankle looked like it snapped in half. Last I heard he was still be carted around on a scooter. I know it’s only April, but these things could be pretty huge going into the draft and beyond.

*If TJH is not ready for the season, we have legit no tight ends of use on the roster. Same thing goes for Stafford and the QB position.

I know people (myself included) were pretty impressed with the Tua videos, but man, for a guy making 30 million bucks a year, you would think people would like more than his wife’s word for it.

Matt is going to play until HE feels the “ah well maybe it’s time.” for himself . look at all the times he could have just said “I’m ^$%#@ tired of getting injured and I’m done.” thing, yet he stayed and fought, and ate whatever pains , hurt, soreness he had even to his throwing hand, he was trying to tough his way through the back thing BUT thought better of it, 1000 and 10% he didn’t want to stop in 2019 but for the first time I have ever known Stafford, he said “hey…not this time.” and he went and had his back taken care of 8 games into the 2019 season.

I promise you when he gets back on that field, there won’t be an ounce of quit/stop in him , until HE says.

Cub, nobody is saying he isn’t tough. He is. NO doubt. But there comes a time when your body has the last word and your intentions take a back seat. It’s sports, they end at different times for players for a variety of reasons. Did you expect Luck to retire last year? Did you expect Calvin to walk away because of a finger injury? Whether it be worries about concussions, quality of life or whatever, more and more people are walking away in their primes. Especially when they are making 5 lifetimes worth of money in just a few years. This isn’t 1960s NFL where guys were playing for 20 grand and still worked other jobs in the off season.

yes, I am fully aware of health & body signs/issues, aging, I’ve said repeatedly he CAN/COULD hang it up at any time. Fact is it’s not 2020.

YET, and I’ve said this as well…I give him a 5 -year /season window where Matt can say he is done as a Lion.

I know your mind can say one thing and your body can say “you sure about that Jack !?” and all of a sudden your faced with a POSSIBLE life-changing decision before you wanted or thought.

I’m 46 years old right now, there are times I argue with myself to get out of bed because daily things are getting tougher and tougher. There are times I think I didn’t do ^%# but I quit doing XYZ and it feels like I was in a MMA match or something because my muscles are sore OR I already pulled something...and all I can do is say "dang I didn't think I was pushing it." "but that &^#@! hurts !"

there are times I hear ‘snap’ , crackle, pop’ and have to bowl of Rice Krispies.
times I say “what in thee f are you doing!?”
I’m getting fatigued easier. I KNOW those things happen…but some people can turn it all off like a switch and don’t KNOW pain .
when your paid money these guys are and you know millions expect ‘this’ , ‘that’ , or the other out of you each day or each season, you just go.

That’s me, I live each day and I go do whatever that day brings, feelings be damned and pay for it after I start to relax and unwind most times.

try soaking that off in a hot bath or shower…so I can still do something at night IF I want/have to…and on to the next day. I’m staring 50 right in the eye now, and I’m a cancer survivor, I know body talk.

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Oh, I hear that brother. I tilled my garden today and I am going to be useless for the next week.

The bad news is that Stafford has his wife’s issues along with his back stuff going on at the same time. The good news is that it sounds like she is doing well, and the NFL does a (almost too) good of job protecting QBs. So, if there ever was a time to play the QB position at an older age and with prior injuries, it’s now.

My only concern is that Matt keeps things VERY close to the vest, and we just don’t know how bad his bad really was, even before last season. I mean, he played well, but then got knocked out again with the same type of injury as the year before?

Has there been anyone, QB or not, that got back fractures in multiple seasons? This might be an injury that is unique to MS, which should draw some concern. We know the outlook of ACL, MCL, high ankle sprains, etc… but do we know what this injury actually means going forward?