Watching the QBs and WRs at the Combine

On the deep balls, Herbert and Hurts looked good. Fromm looked bad.

And did you hear that stat they threw out? Since 2003, the number of WRs who came in at 6-4 or better, 235 lbs. or more, and ran a 4.45 or better?

It’s a two-person list:

  1. Calvin Johnson
  2. Chase Claypool, today.
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Rappoport reports Joe Burrow met with every team in the Top 5 today except the NY Giants.

Claypool made himself a lot of money today.


The Missouri TE did as well

Herbert looked pretty dang good today. I was actually very impressed.

Hurts also looked pretty dang good. They both stood out to me.

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of WR’s who came-in at 6’4", 235lbs or more, and ran a 4.45 or better…and had a 42.5" vertical?

Only Calvin Johnson

Claypool’s 4.42 is impressive, no doubt. But he’s still not CJ.

Devin Duvernay has been someone I’ve been keeping a quiet eye on. He had a third fastest 40 at 4.39.

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Anybody else see Donovan Peoples-Jones cheat on his second 40? He rocked back and forward at the start. Could have been blown dead.

And, surprise-surprise, his 40 time was about 7 hundredths better.

Didn’t watch, just saw he had 4.48 40, the best Broad jump (11’ 7"), best Vertical (44.5"), 3rd longest arms for the WRs and 10+ inch hands.

Yeah even if they stick with his 4.5 it’s still impressive with everything else he did today.

I would love the kid here. I think he goes in the 2nd though

Do want Duvernay. Deep speed, GREAT hands, runs mean and with some power in YAC situations. I don’t know what kind of blocker he is but I think he has the physical traits to help in that regard. He’s probably tighter in the hips then you’d prefer. Really good prospect IMO though

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Watching earlier and when I watched Fromm I couldn’t believe what a perfect sponsorship match he would make for State Farm… Hi, I’m Jake Fromm from State Farm… :sunglasses:

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Ruggs was robbed on his first attempt that was blown dead…my younger daughter runs track, she flipped out , we watched it over and over …he was clean off that start , surprised he ran the 4.28 after the re start…my daughter says his left arm is not tight enough in his first attempt and that the second he launched off center and to the side …I just laugh at her .

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I know we aren’t drafting Ruggs, but man he’s gonna be a good weapon for somebody. He is taller than Tyreek Hill and faster and can jump higher.

Pitman’s 4.52 at his size is solid. I expected Aiyuk to time better than that

Not everyone that is fast is Tyreek Hill. Tyreek is a WR in a RB’s body. I compared him to having Chris Johnson being able to run routes.

Lots of guys that run fast that don’t do anything in the NFL, just ask Tavon Austin and John Ross.

Pittman’s speed was his biggest question mark and it looks like that’s not an issue.

True. But Ruggs also has hands. Agree about the RAC. Still…he is Tyreek like because of how he is a no bullsh-t threat down the field and gives you that extra dimension.