We are getting investigated

Cause of Stafford being hurt?

Cause they listed him as probable and some players after the game said they knew he’d be out days before

What’s the worst case scenario? They fine Martha? Actually that might be the only thing that the old bird cares about. I’m all about it.

The probable designation no longer exists.

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He was listed as questionable right up till game day and on game day he was updated to out. Nothing more. I’m sure the Lions wanted to give Stafford every chance to play to keep his streak alive.

Exactly. WTF? It’s either questionable or out if you are on the list at all. They list the practice designation FP, LP or DNP. Not sure what they are on about. I guess missing 2 facemask calls, a BS picked up PI flag when the defender ran through our player to get to the ball from behind and a couple ticky tack PI’s on us just weren’t enough anti-Lions action for the week.

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Surprised nobody has brought up the obvious: gambling makes this a much bigger deal.


Jesus, the one part of the Patriot Way that actually translated


The investigation was initiated by someone who was a former ref!! lol!!

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IS this serious?

And all those Fantasy Football owners that forgot to change their QB lineup… lol!


no - just being - well trying to be - funny…

Ok now it is funny. I was getting pissed at first. lol

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It’s supposed to be a fine of the team (Martha) and coach (Patricia). But sometimes these things can take on a life of their own. Deflategate was supposed to just be a simple fine like the Vikings got earlier that year.


I expect the loss of a 5th round pick over this.

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With Quinn at the helm, count on losing a 1st and 2nd round pick as well. They get thrown away by him most of the time anyway.

You sir are a drag, you post continuously on every thread but say the same thing over and over.

Blah, blah, blah


Now, the NFL is worried about gambling?
That’s fucking laughable, but, probably true.
Go after the victims for pointing out the corruption. It’s the new “American” way.

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Sad but true. The practice and injury reports themselves were literally designed to provide information for betting purposes in order to set betting odds. This is yet again why I think that a class action lawsuit could be successful against them claiming entertainment out one side of their face and Sports in the other

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