We are short swift, KG and DA Sunday 😳

Back ups need to set up and stand up to the challenge!!!

Maybe we’ll finally Ce what the Phus is about


If we have a bunch of injuries, do you guys think it’ll impact the firing/not firing?


If they win tomorrow and the talk going into the T-Day game is that they’re in the playoff hunt, they might make it. If they lose tomorrow, their fate is sealed. I don’t think there’s any excuse that could save them at that point.


I honestly think it will force this offensive staff to adjust to some things I’ve wanted to see anyway. More Hockenson, more Hall and more passes to KeJo. The also let Bo go in favor of Jonathon Williams who has some juice so it will be interesting to see what he brings. I think Cephus has some game too so time to shine son.


Especially since Carolina is expected to not have Bridgewater or McCaffrey. If they can’t beat a team missing their QB and one of the best RBs in the game, then I wouldn’t wait until the end of the season to start blowing the team up.

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This is where, like the griffin move so far, the move to grab Chase Daniels will show or not show dividends if Matt browns out at any time as well as moves for Cepheus, saun, and our RB johnathan!

But I think if they loose that it will not effect the jobs … but I’m nobody!!

Look who is out again Kenny G. So is Sanu playing tomorrow

I’d like to see that… I am hoping he does in off. What griffin did last week on Def.!!

Griffin was pretty good. Don’t miss overpaid Flowers now. Sanu at one point was good and I wanted us to sign him few years ago.

Kerryon and AP is a decent backfield. We’ve been without Golladay, and Amendola has been nothing special. It will be good to get Cephus and Hall more looks. At those positions, we have decent depth on paper at least. I’m predicting a win. This will be number two of four. Then we fall off the cliff, and are in no-man’s land at 7-9. I’ll be rooting for the Panthers.

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Lol - I can’t ever root for another team to beat us… to each their own but not my type of soda!

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I strongly doubt we win with rusty players in the offense.

WD40 Baby!!

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Swift, Kenny G, Danny A, Hand & Bryant out…all that I “know of” for injuries./not playing.

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