We can't trade a future first

Why? Because it should and IMO will be used on a new franchise QB.

2020 Stafford is 31, costs 30 on the cap and is coming off not one but two seasons ended by broken back bones. Also, both Quinn and Patricia will absolutely be on a playoff WIN or GTFO leash from Martha.

2021 Stafford is 32, costs 23 on the cap on an expiring contract. Either we have a new regime OR one on a 1 yr reprieve if they stayed.

To me it is inescapable that either the 2021 or 2022 first rounder will be a QB, possibly again a top 10 pick one way or the other.


Agree. Unless you think we are going to usher in the Blough era :joy: And it’s not the financial risk picking a QB at the top of the first round like it used to be

I also had a feeling that last year Murray might have been the pick if he hadn’t rocketed up the draft board. He’s a Bevell-type QB through and through

It is a sticky situation to be sure. You can go into this draft with 3 frames of mind:

  1. Take the best (non QB) player available, probably won’t get Chase Young, but maybe a tackle or a different DE.

  2. Trade up and take Young if you think he is the game changer I think he is. Mortgage a future pick and go all in to win now. (with our GM and coach desperate to keep their jobs, this may happen).

  3. Take the BPA even if it’s a QB. Lock up your next franchise QB now, embrace that you will struggle next year getting him playing time. If Stafford is healthy, play him the first 4-6 games and flip him for picks.

I’d rather trade down than trade up. This is a deep draft and the Lions have a lot of needs to fill.

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Can’t disagree with that. We do have plenty of holes and not an abundance of picks. We do have cash on hand too, but the FA market seems a bit weak on paper. I wish we could go to the league and buy more draft picks. :slight_smile:

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My guess is that Quinn will trade up using the first round picks of 2020 and 2021 to take Biadasz.
It only makes sense.

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I swear we’re told this every year.


Stafford is a durable and tough QB who may play 8-10 more years. The likelihood of Stafford leaving the Lions anytime soon is very small. He is out mainly to fully heal when the likelihood of a playoff run was small. He did not sit out last year despite the injury. There is no basis to believe he is anywhere near the end of his career. None of his skills or mobility have diminished. Lions Fans simply have too much time to whine. The Lions will add a top Lineman in the draft and next year we should be right in the thick of everything!


You have no idea what Stafford’s intentions will be. Would you or anyone else blame him if he decided to walk away from the NFL after this season?
Personally, if Stafford wants to play, I’d let him play. His salary isn’t what hurts us, it’s signing guys that suck like Mike Daniels, Jesse James, etc. and drafting guys that don’t make an impact like Hock, Tavai, etc. Get us someone who can draft and sign some talent and we’d be sitting a lot better for the future…as long as Matt can stay healthy.

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True that. And given Quinn’s cavalier tendency to reach for players on his list, it doesn’t seem trade downs are likely

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Why can’t we? It doesn’t matter what we do in the draft anyhow. We still suck every year.

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Well stated. Stafford is going nowhere, nor should he. Quintricia needs to focus on building a competitive team around him.

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Stafford might be durable and tough but this is two years in a row he ended the season with a broken back. Add in he’s an 11 year vet with young kids and a wife recovering from brain tumors…sure Quintricia should plan on keeping him as a cornerstone but also be now actively working on a plan should Stafford decide to hang up his cap


Matt has stated quite often that he wants to play for a very long time. There is nothing in his movement or throwing ability that has diminished at all. Everything is half empty when the team is losing. Fans talk about players when they are hurt as if they are terrible players. Daniels is a good player, but the Lions always seem to sign Packers who aren’t healthy. Hockenson and Tavai are good players who will help the Lions long term.

Real talk. Have you EVER heard a QB or any NFL player who says he only wants to play in the league for a couple years then quit?

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That’s all well and good, but If his spinal issues become degenerative…The Lions need to have a plan to move on without Stafford

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Tony Romo said the same thing before his back forced him to retire too.

Romo was missing a lot of time with his back, was older and wasn’t as durable.

Stafford saying he wants to play for a long time means something as he is a very measured guy. Few QB’s outside of Brady, Manning, Brees have talked about this issue much. Favre and Rothesberger went the other way and their teams drafted their replacements, which was more a call for attention.

Tony Romo was pretty damn durable until his back got hurt.

Stafford has now broken bones in his back 2 straight seasons. He was shell of himself last season and he’s missed 6 likely 8 games this year.

Stafford can want whatever he wants but that’s doesn’t mean his body is going to let him.

Stafford never took his conditioning seriously until Caldwell came in. He’s not going to age well and he is already past his prime. You will see a steep decline in Staffords play. He won’t be able to hang on like Manning or Brady because he isn’t smart like them. They would win pre snap. Stafford doesn’t have a great football mind like them and will be lucky to still be playing in 3-4 years.