We got a new CB - Desmond Trufant

CB Desmond Trufant is signing with the #Lions, per source. The deal is for 2 years, $21M, $14M guaranteed.


Broke his forearm in week 14. Turns 30 this September.

Nice move.

Our secondary is much improved, only question is Slay. Stay or go? I think he gets traded now that Trufant is on-board and they draft a CB fairly early, maybe even Okudah in the 1st.

Could be a kickass defense if he stays though, and they find a good pass rusher.

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Hell yes. Nice going BQ. Love this move.


Nope, good move 3 years too late. I live in ATL and I’m telling you he’s burned toast.

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Love this signing. Career pff grade of 91.2.
2019 pff was 70.3. Off year due to broken arm and played through injuries.

This is the type of signing I was looking for.

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Thanks for the info. Now will have to watch game film. lol

But I have to ask, why would one just sign up for new account on Den just to let us know he was burnt toast? Sounds trollish man.

Me too. What’s left for Edge?

I like this if we hang on to Slay.

Slay, Trufant, Coleman, Oruwariye, Ford, Virgin is a good group. Subtract Slay and… nope.

Yep, I am happy. A solid #2 CB here.

Slay, Trufant, Justin Coleman, AO, Agnew and Mike Ford. Even without a rookie that makes me happy.

I would keep slay. Most likely will get a 3rd round pick next year. Maybe we can contend and he will stick around.

Finally, a signing that seems like we got a good player.

Now, we wait and see if we trade Slay or not.

“Should I Slay or should I go?!?!”

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Should he Slay or should he go?

My money is on Darius playing in a different uniform next season.

Bob Quinn is just letting the market play out and waiting for team to make a final big offer. Slay is healthy, productive, and will be of value on the trade market. It’s a matter of when and for what at this point.

He’s as good as gone.

And I still wouldn’t take Logan Ryan off the table. Do the lions put there trust in Oruwariye, Ford or Virgin?

Do one of these guys look to move to safety during camp? Draft could fill some positions in the secondary.

I like the Trufant move. He has the talent and some proven history at this level to possibly reestablish his career in Detroit.

Feels good to have a solid #2 outside corner here. I see no reason to trade Slay. We let him play out his contract this year and franchise him next year, then let him leave and we get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him, as some team will be dumb enough to pay an old corner who relies on his speed big money. Right now we have a pretty elite CB room, lets not screw it up by trading our best guy.

Diehard Falcons fan here. You got a great corner in Trufant. He’s not just a good #2 corner. He’s a solid #1. And also he’s coming off a great bounce back season (his best season in the last 3 years). That guy calling him “burnt toast” does not know what he’s talking about. Trufant has never been burnt toast. It’s true Falcons fans have been hard on Trufant because he went downhill quite a bit after getting a big contract but that’s because he seemed afraid of contact after some big injuries he suffered. But he seemed to snap out of that last season and returned to being the physical corner he’s always been. And he is physical. A good press corner and a good tackler. Trufant was easily a top 3 defender for the Falcons last season (whatever that may mean to you)


Welcome to the Den! Thanks for your insight.

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Somehow I hope this means the Lions expect Chase to be available at 3

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Oh yes, he’ll cure our needs.

TLaw for '21!