We just sent thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia's oil fields

But we can’t protect the Kurds because war is bad.

or something.

Anyway, if this isn’t the perfect metaphor for the U.S.'s foreign policy, especially under Trump, I don’t know what is: Profits > Human Life.

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If shit were about to hit the fan in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia would be the staging ground.
Syria is right next door.
You could wait a few seconds to see what’s up before you pounce.
Your hatred blinds you.

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Your hatred blinds you against Democrats.

See where rhetoric gets us?

I’m posting facts.

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Why would we be sending troops to Saudi Arabia? Are they in some kind of immenent danger?
Like I said, you want justice, and so do I, but, you don’t think I’m entitled to justice!

There goes the “endless war” bullshit out the window.

Try again Trumpstumpers.

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Probably because there’s no danger.

So, you’d prefer our troops stage in a dangerous area?
Come on, man! Where did we stage for Desert Storm? Where did we stage for shock and awe?

Here again, what will you have to say when Trump attacks the E.U.? Turkey is a member state. You do know that, right?

What’s the objective?

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Make sure KSA isn’t overrun from the south, because apparently the couple hundred billion in weapons systems we sold them the last 20 years are good for…well…nothing.

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So we’re just going to whine about everything then. Maybe they have intelligence that Saudi Arabia is about to get hit again. Should they get your permission first? Let me know when they’re still there 19 years from now, then we can agree it’s B.S.

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Also, lets not forget that the United States of America just sided with the Russians over our Allies in the UN Security Council in condemning Turkey. We won’t even condemn the action.

And people here will AGAIN tell me why this is okay…and just mindless justify the next thing he does…and the next.

They “accidentally” hit our troops today, and you want to place blame?
Fine! You’re right, okay? Democrats are never wrong or in the wrong. You’re fucking perfect and precious.
Left and right wings, same bird. Time for that bird to kick some ass!

The only 2 countries to not condemn china were the US and russia.

Trump is doing everything Putin has wanted.

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Is this the part where they make their condemnation and wait for us to do something about it? We’re getting right on that. Just keep waiting…

I’ve captured live video of the condemnation. This is devastating for Turkey. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Next comes the the finger wag and stern warning! (Using eloquently spoken big words.)

That’s because he’s an agent of Russia.

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Its so funny because its true