We should look at LB position

I know Jamie Collins does drop in coverage an plays all over so yes he could count as LB.

I just think its a position we should look at. We have some unproven on roster right now.
I am not keen on C Jones he seems to miss key plays.

I have been a fan hoping that Davis would workout at LB I really don’t like many of are LBs.

I do like are Big guy in the middle an he does fit what Lions want to do.

Tavai, Jahlani I think he fits. Outside of him not so sure about others.

Sam, Christian 6’ 2" 244 lbs He I kinda like as Will LB they picked him up in FA just before end of season.


This is a common theme in other threads. Clearly the Lions will be targeting an edge-setting, pass-rushing LB. I expect at pick 35.

I would say that the Lions will look at an OLB on day 2 though if they get another 1st I can see them doing it in the 1st round. Of course if I had my way they would get Simmons at #5 but I can understand if they choose to go with the CB position instead.

I look at the guys we coached in the Senior Bowl… Malik Harrison, Logan Wilson, Zack Baun, Josh Uche, Evan Weaver, Alton Robinson, Anae… what a treasure trove of talent. I wouldn’t be shocked if we wound up with 2 of those guys.

If it’s two of those Uche and Wilson please. Coverage out of that position group would go from a weakness to a strength.

But that’s a lot of draft capital. We’d have to trade down and amass picks to spend that much on the position group.

I’d love Even Weaver on day 3. I think he will overcome his athletic limitations.

If we’re going to add a LBer I’d like to get one with some athleticism and range.

Willie Gay fits the bill and could fall a little due to off the field issues. So he could be a steal

I like Baun as well.

I think we could get like Wilson and Anae in the 3rd, and maybe one of them with our 4th. Harrison, Baun and Uche would probably require a pick in the first 2 rounds, and I suspect Robinson will go higher than consensus. I think you’re right about Weaver being a steal, I’m actually more worried about his size than his athleticism re: being drafted by us. We’ve shown no issues drafting bad athletes, lol.

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I’m not worried about his size. I don’t see any reason why he can’t play at 245lbs. To be honest I think there is some athletic upside with him as he fine tuned his body. He was less sloppy as a Senior in that regard but it can improve a good bit still.

He was the best defensive player in the PAC last year by a good margin IMO. At the college level at least.

What’s his story. Why talked about so high but then suddenly projected so low? I know Anae has some height/weight/speed concerns that has dropped him, but what’s up with Weaver?

I haven’t seen any effort to dump JD. So I think they like him and Tavai in the middle and that we likely aren’t investing in a guy like that. Collins to me is going to bounce around, but I think he is going to be the Christian Jones upgrade at WILL in a 3 LB set. Jack I think is yet to be upgraded and this being a prime position to rush the QB in this system, I think it’s going to be a high draft pick. We can (and should) also invest in a pure coverbacker type later on to get snaps in obvious passing situations. I have always liked JRM and thought he was underutilized, but him and Cabinda are guys who can be upgraded. This is where there is an argument for Simmons. But it will require a bit of a shift, because 250lb Christian Jones got way too much time at WILL when you had JRM and Killebrew on the bench. But if a Simmons would bring “enough” sand against the run for MP, then man what potential. I’m seeing an Anae/Unche/Lewis pick for JACK and a Davis-Gaither in the 4th. With our TD we get:

1a Okudah CB
1b Gross-Matos DE
2 Uche JACK
3a Gallimore DT
3b Taylor RB
4 Davis-Gaither WLB

Really just athleticism concerns. I think he probably still goes in round 4. If he had tested the way he did at close to 250 then I think he’s firmly in day 2.

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