Week 5 NFLTalk

Football is crazy, that way. One shot looks like a bone-crushing hit, and nothing comes of it. On the other hand, you can get hits like this, that don’t look that bad, where dudes get knocked out.

Bears have lead and all the momentum. Sure would love to see them lose.


Bears are ridiculous. Oakland fumbles on the 1 inch line. Then the throw an INT and get bailed out by a questionable roughing the passer call. So freaking lucky.

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Raiders got SCREWED on that roughing call.

That one wasn’t as bad as the roughing we got called for on Mahomes, but it was pretty bad.

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Yet the Mason Rudolph knockout shot to the chin doesn’t get called… No consistency

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Giants sure are making some questionable coaching decisions. They have zero confidence in their ability to score quickly.

Mayock has had the executive of the year award locked up since before the season started. Mayock has done a very good job with Oakland roster. Bills and Raiders will be AFC wild card teams

Lol @ the Bears…

Raiders are no pushovers and need to be taken seriously!!!

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Gruden and Mayock have completely changed the culture. Mayocks off season was like fantasy football. The guy put on a clinic

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The Raiders beat the Bears today and last year with the Mack trade

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Season might be over for the Steelers? Both Qbs out for a while, a bunch of losses pile up. They might also be sellers coming up before October 29th trade deadline.

GB looses and we own first place!!

Raiders are my AFC team …Love what Mayock and Gruden have done . Imagine AB did not fall of his rocker and what this team and Carr could do .

How do you take Zeke out of a game ? Force the game into Dak’s hands , force them to throw…Dallas is in trouble if GB put’s 21 on the board.
Dallas might just be showing they are not the powerhouse some thought . The loss convincing and the teams they beat crap .
Amari Cooper is a stud and I would love to get my hands on him , his route running is clinic like

And I hate the Cowboys so much I can’t even root for that outcome. I’m literally rooting for the Packers, which shows how deep my Cowboys hate runs.

Unless Dak is throwing INTs left and right.

OHHHH boy …Dak is so overrated.


Not looking too likely at the moment.

Agreed …I cant wait to see what referee crew they put for our game with Dallas …Predicting it now the calls and no calls will be mind blowing .