Week 8 Playoff Probabilities

Lions are 2-3-1 to enter week 8 of the season; 1st time this season with a losing record and hopefully the last! Losing 3 in a row hurts. But its better than 7 in a row and just two game already from eliminations as is Cini…. We are still mathematically in the hunt!

So here we go!

Currently, they are at a 14% (last week it was 26%) probability to make the playoffs.

• If we win against the Giants, it only goes up 2% to 16% but we are back on the winning side. Also this stat variation doesn’t include other team’s impact.
• If we lose, it goes to 7%!

As the whole league sits today, if we win 8 of the 10 remaining games, we go 10-5-1 and will have a 71% chance of making the playoffs. This 10 win mark only dropped 2% from last week. And, we still must have other teams currently ahead of us to lose more than us; we still need help to cinch any spot.

We only go 9-6-1 and we fail.

We are currently projected to end the season at 7-8-1 where as last week it was 8-7-1 so we have to beat the odds now as well as the refs and other teams to lose imo.

We sit as the projected 12th overall (NFC), dropping from 11th last week, and now have to jump Seahawks, Minny, Bears, Panthers, Rams, and Eagles to get a WC birth. This is projected not realtime standings.

We must win and win a lot now and have other team fail as well.

49rs need to beat the Panthers; Saints beat the Cardinals; Chiefs knock out the Packers; redskins upset the Vikes!!; Falcons upset the Seahawks as well, bears lose to the chargers and sadly have winless Cini beat the Rams… oh, and Tampa needs to lose as well. That’s it all…… lol

IMHO, 5 of the next six games are winnable. We somehow get to 7-4-1, we may be the 6th seed again if others teams continue to lose games as well.

its Starts with a “Giant” Win!! this Sunday Baby!!

My prediction: Lions fall a game short of making the playoffs and play uselessly well enough to put themselves out of reach of an awesome draft pick.


My Prediction: Something may happen in the future… Just not sure what…

My prediction?? We run the table

Where are you running the table too?! :upside_down_face: