Week 8 Referee Assignment - Scott Novak

He was a ref in the Big 12 and then a side and field judge in the NFL for the past few years. He just got promoted to referee this year so we have very little track record with him yet in that position. Strangely enough, he did our game vs the Cardinals to start the season. Even stranger than that, I just noticed he did the Packers/Vikings tie from last season. Its slightly unusual (but not unheard of) to get the same ref this quickly after already having him do a game. As a lower level official he did our game vs the Bears on T-Day last year (loss), the Falcons game in 2017 (loss), the Vikings T-Day game in 2016 (win), the Packers hail mary game in 2015 (loss) and the Dolphins game in 2014 (win).

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