Weigh in on Hock

myself? He doesn’t seem like he’s producing at a 1st-round level. He sounded like a GREAT prospect , @ TE, but he’s a bit thin at his production. Not only that, I expected better hands, decision making, and numbers I know he was blocking for a minute…but nothing stands out about the kid “right now” to me.

Rookie TE don’t really do well their first year. Look at Fant, some people thought he was the better athlete but he’s just been ok so far

Hockenson gets a complete break from me this year.

Much bigger things have me concerned about this team than a rookie TE. Hockenson is so far down the list of concerns for me right now I just don’t have the energy to even dig that deep.

Outside of Bevel, Stafford, and our passing, what other area should we not be concerned about?


He’s had really good moments and some disappointing ones.

I expect the team to purposefully feature and develop him more as our playoff chances get bleaker and bleaker.

The moment the team gets eliminated from contention—the main objective of the season becomes to develop young players.

Bevel has been far from perfect and hasn’t been able to bolster our running game. He was able to do it with just about any RB Seattle got.

As for Hock, it’s hard to believe he can light-it-up week 1 and then disappear like he has…but like others have said, rookie TE’s hardly ever do anything their rookie year anyways…but we didn’t draft him to win now (I guess).

Now, the Tight End I’m really disappointed in is Jesse James, 7 receptions in 6 games and we paid 22+ million!?!?!

The offensive line coach designs the run game, not the OC.

We definitely share our disappointment in James.

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A franchise deserves to suck when it spends the #8 pick on a TE. Has there been much of a difference between Hock and L. Thomas, other than when the Cardinals decided not to cover anyone in the 1st game of the season?


He’s a rookie and is having the normal ups and downs that reasonable people should expect.

That’s a little harsh. I mean, its not like we make a habit of taking TEs in the top 10.

Oh chit, nevermind…:rofl:

He’s a great player. One of the drops in the end zone Hock was being face-masked. (check it out). The fact is he’s not being targeted much. I don’t know if they need him to block or what the story is. He was wide open in the end zone last game and Stafford short hopped the throw. I think his targets will increase as the season progresses. I have been impressed with his blocking but the casual fans won’t notice those things.


I don’t know, but I have to play him in couple leagues this week…so now would be good time to unleash him. :yum:

The two strengths coming into season was D-Line and improved TE play. How’s that worked so far?


As long as we’re top 10 in offense, I won’t complain much about James or Hock. They are contributing.

Hock as drop some he should have caught. But IMO you can clearly see the talent there.

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I agree. Also, the drop in the end zone when he was being facemasked made me look at the new catch rule - because he clearly caught it and had 2 feet down in the end zone.

I thought they fixed the CJ catch rule, but no. His elbow hit the ground and knocked the ball out. Catch rule still has the stupid “football move” requirement, so it didn’t count, but that’s more of a problem with the rule than anything. If he was a runner then the ground can’t cause a fumble. Ball was clearly secured, just landing on the elbow was bad luck.

I’m still really happy we took Hock. Natural route runner, great hands, great blocker. He is going to be a good one.

Future all-pro. Just needs a full off season in the weight room. The kids got all the talent in the world. Should have 5-6 tds already but just hasn’t completed the catch. Disappointed in the run game but overall the offense is improved. Run defense is problem #1 by far.


I’m excited to what he can do from here on out. I think it was a solid pick.

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So how many drops does Hockenson have? I remember the TD drop, and maybe one other one in the field of play.

Folks are making it sound like he has a crap ton of drops.

Does anyone have the number?

I suppose I could try to look it up, but with all the concern being voiced about his drops, figure someone must have that number handy.

I haven’t logged it officially, but its somewhere around 3 so far. It could be 4, but its in the 3 to 4 range so far. And just going by memory and not an official log, I believe its 2 dropped TD passes…maybe 3.

Hock is the least of my worries being a rookie.

Where the hell has Jesse James been?

Big $$$ for a TE that they don’t seem to know how to utilize properly!

I feel like our pass protection is much better this year. Pretty sure Stanford didn’t throw a TD in 2 games against Minnesota last year. 4 in one game this year. Maybe James is doing more as a blocker? Just wished it translated into a better run game as well.