Weigh in please. Chase Young , is he a must draft?

personally, I think he’ll be a hell of a DE , but I’m not sure about “fit” debates and that but it is my only concern with him. myself I hope we take a shot.

I want a trade back.


I have a problem looking at OSU big games. He seems to disappear. I feel he has a whole lot of talent. Just not sure he has what it takes to be Elite.

I know many will disagree, but that CB form OSU Okudah is a shut down corner with great tangibles. That would be my #3 if no trade down was available.

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I like the corner also I would not be against Young but I do like the CB also as a pick


If Young and Okudah are there you take Young. If Brown and Okudah are there you take Brown. If a trade down and Okudah are there you take the trade down. Sorry, I’m just not impressed with him. 3rd pick is too high for a CB in my book as most take 2-3 years to adjust to the faster game and bigger receivers. He’s going to find it’s a lot harder to mug a receiver in the NFL than it was at OSU. In the last 30 years I can count on 1 hand the number of corners worthy of being taken that high, and Okudah is not going to make that list.
With our current defensive line woes I think Young is a must draft at this point in the unlikely event he’s available. Much like I thought Allen was last year had he of fallen to us.

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If he is there at 3, you take him.


So you missed the 10 pressures and 5 qb hits he had vs Clemson?

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Nope didn’t miss it at all. Would you like to discuss the rest of the game and the other games he disappeared in? Let’s chat. I never sad he would be a bad pick did I ? Lighten up champ.

Also let’s chat a bit about how he had 46 total tackles for the year, with 16.5 of them being sacks. Let’s talk about that in depth too.

Who are these defensive ends in college that have a lot of tackles?

Not to be rude but you are box score scouting and if you bringing up tackles for down linemen you aren’t even doing that well

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So you judge EDGE rushers by their total tackles? :thinking:

Miss typed on total tackles. But you are a funny man.

I was half away through a post after looking up Myles Garett and Nick Bosa tackle numbere but what’s the point

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Don’t look at the obvious players that didn’t have tackles. Look for the ones that did have tackles with the sacks.

Can’t teach tools how to use tools.

Please repeat in English.

I’m trying to figure out where you’re trying to go with this?!?!

Are you trying to say Chase isn’t a complete DE? Or that he’s lazy? Or he’s not as good as the Bosa’s or what?
I’d like to hear what you’re trying to say. I mean, maybe you’re right and you can show the rest of us why.

In my mind it is not a question of whether or not he is a must draft, considering I do not believe that there is a player that fits that billet unless you can see the future. The real question is will he be available and should the Lions draft him if he is. While there is no way to know the answer to the first one until the draft, the second one is easy. Yes the Lions should draft him, The Lions need an edge rusher, while I like Kennard he is just too inconsistent to hold that position.

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You’re not the only one. If you look at his sacks, 7 of them came in 2 games. Also, he had always had success against Penn State. At this point am leaning towards Okudah

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I’m on board with two results in the first round.
In order of preference they are:

A trade down with a package at least equal to what the Colts got from the Jet
Chase Young

So in your scenario if Tua goes 2 and another team is willing to put together a similar package for Herbert then I would take that over Young. Short of that grab the talented pass rusher

I really have to watch some film on Young before I can make a determination. I tried to watch him against Michigan and Clemson, but saw nothing at all. Was he injured? Michigan does not have great OT’s so I can’t give him much credit in that game.

You have to have a pass rush to compete in this league. QBs, even average ones are like pro bowl talent given time. Our defense and others have proved that. I think if Chase is there it can make everyone on our D line better. San Fran before Bosa had the same guys and didn’t do anything crazy last year. I think a guy like Brown could help but not quite as much. A corner can help but not many guys can cover for 5 seconds so without a rush he has less value. If Chase is there he is my pick, if not then a trade down would be welcome. If that sn’t an option I’ll go Brown.

CBs are a big risk in the draft more 1st round guys don’t live up to the hype. It is a longer learning curve and it is a position where injuries are frequent. I think finding a couple CBs should be a priority in FA. Melvin (if resigned) should be our #6 CB. We have Slay, Coleman, and Oruwariye under contract. there is hope for Mike Ford and I really like the guy they got from Dallas PS last year, although he may be better suited for safety. BIG kid, freakish numbers at the combine. see article https://www.si.com/nfl/lions/news/why-the-lions-signing-of-cb-michael-jackson-is-interesting

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