Well, it's only a matter of time now: Meyer to Cowboys

Urban Meyer, who said there’s a 0% chance of him going to Michigan, says he’d take the Cowboys job for sure. Garrett’s goose is cooked now.

Urban Meyer is such a piece of shit. Of course he would retire for “health reasons” again, and then start trying to worm his way into another big gig not even a year later. He’ll probably try to rehire Zack Smith. Going to the team that signed Greg Hardy after he beat the shit out his girlfriend is the perfect landing spot for both of them.

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Lollerz at the thought of him in AA! He will land some where, not UM.

Half the guys in the NFL are dirtbags, you just don’t know about most of them. Meyer is just a guy who will do whatever it takes to win.

Something about this seems hilariously inevitable. Though Cowboys fans say Jerry only wants a puppet at HC, not a real one. Because he knows everything.

I’d rather see Jim Schwartz go to Michigan.

Pro players will tell him FU to his face and he will meltdown and bang a string of co-eds to get back in his groove since he can’t pay guys under the table in the NFL…then he will quit to say he is focusing on his family…but we are left to wonder…Which One?

Freaking Dirtbag


Never thought of jimbo…I could maybe get behind that

Over Urban Meyer? That’s crazy. Jim Schwartz is an immature quack. The only thing worse than an immature quack in a room full of 25 year old entitled brats, is an immature quack in a room full of 18 year old entitled brats.

Hard to believe that Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry after he bought the Cowboys and has stuck with the shitty Garrett for 10 years.

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I’m 90% sure that Jerry and Stephen want Lincoln Riley and would take him over Meyer

Meyer would win in the NFL though

Someone is going to throw a pile of money at Lincoln Riley this offseason.
Someone is going to throw a pile of money at Ryan Day the following offseason.

Do they bolt for the NFL?
Those guys have it pretty good at their respective colleges. Oklahoma and Ohio St. both play in conferences that they dominate. There are a few 2nd tier power teams in the big ten (Wisconsin, Penn St, Mich) and big twelve (Texas, OKst), but it’s pretty smooth sailing usually for them both.

I don’t think its possible to question firing Tom Landry and hiring Jimmy Johnson.

As far as Garrett, it really is an interesting situation. There is something that Jerry really, really likes about Jason. This goes all the way back to when Jason was an assistant coach. Remember, Jason Garrett was named offensive coordinator after Bill Parcells left, BEFORE Jerry had hired a head coach. The head coaching candidates were told “yeah, here’s your offensive coordinator. Take it or leave it.” And even though Jason was newly promoted to the offensive coordinator position, he was the highest paid non head coach in the NFL.

To say Jerry likes Jason Garrett is an understatement. Its a weird web when you research it. Jason’s dad was a long time scout for the Cowboys. Jason has 2 brothers. One played for the Cowboys and was an assistant coach with them for a little bit, and the other one played for the Cowboys and currently has a high position in the scouting department.

I was pointing out the irony of firing a Hall of Famer so quickly and yet sticking with a turd like Garrett for this long.

In a perfect world, Harbaugh will be the next Cowboy coach. Cures everyone’s problems, except Iggys. he-he-he…

As much as JJ likes him, I have to think Garrett is in serious trouble if they lose to the Eagles today…especially in Jerry’s World