Welp, that was embarrassing

I had high hopes for David Blough after his 1st games. Now - not so much.

Felt bad for Hills, he didn’t get much room to run today. Couple of TDs though, he runs hard, I’ll give him that. He did lose one though, or was that someone else?

Lions did okay stopping the run. The pass? Uh, not so much.

Man, this team is really beat-up. Couple more guys went down I think.

I will say this, they showed some fight today coming back to with 7, before Blough gave it away.

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He really does make kellen look like he had a cannon compared to Blough.

They still couldn’t stop the Bucs passing attempt with Evans out and then Godwin getting hurt in the first half.

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The Lions secondary sucked for the most part, BUT it is also true that Winston pretty much had all day to find somebody. More than 450 yards? He ain’t that good, we made it easy for him.

Winston threw for 456 the previous week. He is the only player in NFL history to have back to back 450 yard games. Nice to see the Lions helped him set a record.

He only needs 427 yards to get to 5,000. Remember, if you throw for 5,000 yards you are called elite on Lions message boards.


Just keep rushing 3 or 4 you fat stubborn retard, bound to work some time…


You Janoris Jenkins?!?! LOL

My buddy is a Bucs fan and he was saying that they posted Winston’s stats and they were almost identical to Peyton Manning’s first 5 years…somehow I don’t think Winston is the next Peyton Manning though.

He makes some pretty nice throws.
He also makes some pretty dumb ass throws.
He has the right HC.
I am sure the Bucs are going to extend him and give him another shot. The guy has the talent, that’s not the problem with that guy.

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its all part of the process

They’re working to get him better

Yup- I was surprised by it. I definitely saw a couple of times where it looked like someone was making a business decision. Tavai rally was going after turnovers and giving max effort. I am so interested to see what this looks like, next year.

Some upgrades in talent and depth, a healthy #9, a new DC?

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I’m really starting to come around to this new culture that Patricia is installing.

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Tank has been in full effect for weeks. Glad I hunted today instead of watching.

Still believe the fan base wouldn’t be so mad had quin not said 9-7 wasn’t good enough.

Seems like they cashed it in after Oakland loss and decided to make a run at it next year.

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People aren’t going to like going form 9 wins to 6 to 3 no matter what Quinn said.


Tons of people still like it. WTF are you talking about? Do you read this board? A good portion of the fan base is fine with the results. It’s 3x worse on the radio

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I would still be pissed off, even without the insinuation from Quinn that 9-7 wasn’t good enough.

It’s also hard for me to believe that they gave up on the season after the Raiders loss. If they did, then they don’t deserve to be employed by any team in the NFL, or at any level of sports.

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You think Stafford would be sitting if we were still in any sort of contention at that point? I don’t.

Dude has played through so much. I suspect they knew the north was tough and mailed it in. Can’t prove it though.

I also suspect they planned on year 3 all along. Again, can’t prove it

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Don’t disagree Wes. Just wish they would have called it what it was instead of bullshitting.

This board would still be pissed but I don’t think other forms of media would be as bad as they are