We're Due for a Historic Draft

We need one of those drafts that come around once in a generation for a team. And I feel like we have the ammo to do it this year .

Some recent examples I found. Baltimore had one in 2018 when the landed QB Lamar Jackson (Round 1), OT Orlando Brown Jr. (Round 3), TE Mark Andrews (Round 3), OG Bradley Bozeman (Round 6). The Colts did it in 2018 too with OG Quenton Nelson (Round 1), LB Darius Leonard (Round 2), OT Braden Smith (Round 2), EDGE Kemoko Turay (Round 2), LB Matthew Adams (Round 7). Jags in 2016: CB Jalen Ramsey (Round 1), LB Myles Jack (Round 2), EDGE Yannick Ngakoue (Round 3). Raiders had one five years ago or so with EDGE Khalil Mack (Round 1), QB Derek Carr (Round 2), OG Gabe Jackson (Round 3) . Minnesota had one not too long ago with CB Trae Waynes (Round 1), LB Eric Kendricks (Round 2), EDGE Danielle Hunter (Round 3), WR Stefon Diggs (Round 5)

Anyway, point is when you do a mock you are never going to fill every hole. When you do that you are the dog chasing the rabbit at a dog track. But landing 3-4 high quality starters is a HUGE draft. I keep going back to a draft that consists of Derrick Brown and Cesar Ruiz. Then I feel like we should be able to get starter level WR and EDGE in the 3rd 4th rounds. I know that isn’t a particularly sexy draft but I keep looking over our DTs and I’m not that sold on them. Brown gives us a force in the middle and Harrison is running on empty. We all saw what a healthy Harrison did to our D when he arrived. Ruiz would be plug and play athletic OG who can also play OC. We build through the middle…

Then you start adding in trade scenarios and it gets sexier as we pick up an extra first or second or both.

I’m sure I’ll change my mind 20 more times before its all over.


You missed Hayden Hurst in round 1 for Baltimore in 2018. After injuries sidelined and limited his rookie season, he caught 30 of 39 last year for 349 yards and 2 TD’s. Because they took Mark Andrews in the 3rd, where WE should have taken him, Hurst is their #2 but that group of TE’s is the best in the NFL with Nick Boyle also adding over 300 yards and 2 TD’s.

Your point is well taken though, that drafts happen where teams find players early and often. In 2018 you could argue that we did, but how much did they increase the “talent level” of the team? Was their contribution equivalent to where they were taken? Last years draft, more of the same. Taking a TE that hi, a LB in the 2nd who wasn’t all that…after that it didn’t get much better but because of the lack of depth we had guys stick who are going to need to step up if they want to play in the NFL.

We need “game changers”, players who can be that guy on O and D in critical moments. And that will be the argument for Young if he is available. Can we sit back and say that injuries were the driving force as to why we couldn’t get pressure on opposing QB’s? Can we afford to simply increase the talent level at the expense of missing on game changers? If we think there is someone that can be a game changer after a trade, fine. This is why they get, or don’t get, the big bucks.

Definitely agree on the game changers theme. Quinn hasn’t been half bad at the later rounds, but he needs to get some difference makers in the early rounds. So far he’s simply gotten starters, which is good, but at some point you gotta have guys that other teams have to scheme against.

On offense getting a guy to run behind would be huge and even more huge is a 3rd down WR who can get open when we need it . Look what happen to NE when Gronk left…

On defense, its a sack guy. Or some turnover artists on the backend.

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Sometimes being a starter just means you’re the least shitty player on the team at your position.


One problem we have BQ. I can’t trust him at all.


I agree I think this is the year the Lions put together a draft for the ages. I see them moving down from three to five and then maybe down to 9 adding a plethora of picks.

  • 6 Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama
  • 35 D’Andre Swift RB Georgia
  • 37 Cesar Ruiz OL Michigan
  • 67 A.J. Terrell CB Clemson
  • 99 Anfernee Jennings EDGE Alabama
  • 102 Davon Hamilton DL Ohio State
  • 131 Nick Coe EDGE Auburn
  • 154 Myles Bryant CB Washington

I just worked this one up on a trade down to 6 with the Chargers and they give back their 2nd and 4th to move up. Doesn’t hit all our needs, but damn would this be fun. (Also, this doesn’t represent the value I think we’ll get on a trade-down)


So, we had the worst defense in the world, could possibly lose Slay and Snacks and you want to draft offense with the first 3 picks?

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Like I said, this would be a fun one. I also worked up a draft where we went all D, just didn’t post it.

The reality is that it will be a little of both.

Yep the offense is one or 2 players away from being a top offense. So why wouldn’t you want to finish one side of the ball I mean be really good at something. The defense problems are more to do with scam then talent. But poster will never get that. They look at the stats say the whole defense is shit. Kinda like them saying the CB and LBers got worse. But they got worse because of no pass rush. Fix the pass rush and the whole gets better fast.

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we went from a top ten defense to a 30’s ranked defense this actually happened so it’s not a scam. we watched our defense get embarrassed on national tv over and over while our offense tried to keep us afloat all season. so it’s not like we had a great defense but chose to act weak just so we could get such a low rank. we did get to the QB’s, on pass rushes but not close to the number of times we wanted…and we got sacks very sparingly at that, so it wasn’t a case of just fix that pass rush and the entire defense gets better because you have to be able to pass block, run block , blitz , tackle efficiently , cause turnovers, and pressure the QB’s we face by hitting them , chasing them , sacking them , taking out their targets, or getting in place to get INT’s and tip or deflect the ball your defense should be able to do all these things and not just one thing to be disruptive . and your defense has to provide that disruption all game. IF all you do is rush the QB, you may get sacks but the DC will just decide how fast your getting to his QB and make adjustments so you get to his QB a lot less IF at all, before he gets the ball off/away. I don’t subscribe to the sentiment that our Offense is just one/two players away either Mouse, We need a solid RB , we need o-line help , we need a WR again depending on if Amendola sta;ys or not , the QB thing hangs in the air, the TE group is in question being injury to TJ, I don’t see him playing a whole lot this season outside of him our TE group is weak to.
just like the RB group; there isn’t a single inspiring RB there…just serviceable at best.

Well cub I think ur totally wrong, you must not watch much, because the lack of pass rush killed this defense from front to back. And u almost proved the point if we were so good last year how can it be talent with mostly same people.
Offense I think online as long as we don’t go backwards will be fine we were one of the better pass blocking teams. Need to get better in run game but keeping guys together can help that. But a true Take the top off the defense speed type WR. And legit 1# RB and this offense will play with anyone.

Ok, so who was our great pass rusher when we had this supposed “top 10 defense” the year prior, under the same scheme?

Hint. We didn’t have a pass rush then either. We just played a bunch of garbage teams, with rookie or garbage QBs, and back up RBs and teams that were tanking. The 2nd half of the 2018 season was a ton of fools gold.

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I said we got to the QB “some” in a few games in 2019, not that we were good at pass-rushing last season. I said we got to the QB “sparingly” which means we did so very little/ equals NOT good. that is a fact.

Ok cub

The only thing I have to add to this thread is this…

We’re not so much “due” for a Historic draft, we’re outright DESPERATE for an Historic draft.


well yes. that is why we are hoping Quinn has his stuff together to deliver this offseason, taking in that yes he probably has and have all this while BEEN meeting with Patricia, Bevell, and all the other VIP’s at length about the same thing we are right now in evaluating who to pick ultimately here in the 2020 draft AND what Free Agents are key targets to improve areas. Here in the Den we have been talking about both as well.
I imagine that they are talking about trading down -but I have no idea if other teams can start calling eachother about trades and that yet.