What are chances of winning the Division?


I know, I get it, I get it. We’re 3-4 and just traded away a solid weapon.

If we beat Vikings and Bears we are 5-4 and possibly #1 in the division at that stage or maybe 1/2 game out of the lead. With one game behind Packers and Vikings. If we could beat Vikings and sweep the Bears, beat Cards and Bills and lose to Panthers and Rams… we are 8-6 with the Vikings and Packers left.

Not saying it’s logical, possible or even going to come close to happening. But what do you think are chances are? Slim to none? Do you think we’ll only win like 6-7 games and not even be close? Do you think we’ll be inched out 9-7 to 9-6-1 and lose out to Seattle who gets the last Wildcard spot at 9-7?

I think we will be closer to 7-9 but it be nice if we could somehow put the pressure on our division late in the season.


If we can beat the Vikes and Bears on the road, after Sunday’s humiliating loss, after losing Golden Tate, than we can win the division and the rest would take care of itself.


I’ll get back to you it 2 weeks. If we pull off both wins then it is ours to lose.


Yup it’s a critical stretch for sure. I’m not confident we can win either road game though, let alone both.


Clearly, this team hasn’t “gelled”, yet. If they can pull it together, and keep it together, this is a very good team.
With the defensive moves, we’ve gotten better.
How, and who they use in the Tate role could be a big deal, and a negative.
I keep repeating myself, but, Riddicks skill set matches Tate’s very favorably. The move would be good for Theo, making him a much bigger part of the offense, so, it shouldn’t take much arm twisting from his standpoint.
The question is, do the Lions want to win, or experiment?
You never know with this effing team.


I would say the Lions have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the division.


nice to see you again Winnepeg…been a long time.


Good call. Looks like we are trending down, after flashes of looking like we had some heart.