What are we doing with that fifth we just got?

Found this interesting.

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Do you guys know of any team that just made an odd trade to get a fifth rounder?

If Drake is had for a 5th I’d rather have no 5th round pick in 2020 and quandre diggs


Let’s see what Harris has. By Turkey Day you might have a different opinion.

I guess I just don’t love Diggs as much as most here. He had that flurry of turnovers right after converting to safety that suggested that he could be special back there but his playmaking has returned to the mean and what was left was a replacement level NFL starter that is both small and slow. I liked Diggs but he was just a run of the mill starter at safety. I’m pretty excited about getting a safety that runs a 4.41 on to the field. The ceiling for a Harris-Walker safety combo is very high IMO.

We’re also going to need the Roster spot for Bryant. There’s a chance he could be the pass rusher we’ve been hoping for. This year is a good time to find out. We are likely a borderline Wildcard team, this year. Good time to find out what we have our in our players now. Will better prep us for next offseason.

We gonna cut Daniels or get him really cheap?
I think A’Shawn is up this offseason?
New RB? (fingers crossed)
I’m tired, but I’m positive I’m missing a couple of guys here.

Maybe another long snapper who doesn’t even come close to making the team would be appropriate.

Will Harris can be best safety in the NFL and dumping a quality back up for a late 5th round pick still wouldnt make sense.


Drake won’t help our running game at all. Need to fix the oline or get someone who can sack the QB.

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Drink it to help ease the pain?
I’m convinced that “the Lions” is a drinking club, like “the turtles”.


Based on everything in slays career here and his tweets yesterday, I say there is 0.5% chance he resigns here. This trade will/has impact the players image of the lions more than it will results on the field. Imo we are going to have to even more over pay FAs to come here now


So we are going to ask Slay what he wants before making decisions for the team?

We are getting our asses handed to us with Slay, so maybe he needs to check himself.

Have you seen what players go for in NFL trades? Starters go for 5th round picks on the regular.

These are Lions players we are talking about, they go at a premium right? Lot of talk in here isn’t grounded in reality unfortunately.

Based on Quinn’s track record in the 5th round, we will get exactly nothing for Diggs. Just a moronic trade that brought back essentially nothing.

Trading a commodity in the secondary and a 7th round pick for a low 5th rounder is essentially valuing Diggs at a high 6th round level. AKA Quinn continues to be a garbage GM. This is the same dumfuk that wasted a 2nd rounder on Tabor who the whole entire world knew would be a bust, yet he values Diggs at a 6th round level.

Bottom line, Quinn is awful at evaluating talent.

I’m assuming we are going to flip the 5th (or a different pick) for another player, or else the trade doesn’t make much sense. I realize Patricia puts a premium on size in his scheme, but I’m not a fan of discarding perfectly good players because they don’t fit some artificial mold you have in mind. Talent like Diggs is hard to find.


It seems I recall that Diggs ranked around 20th last year in Safeties. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Would you give a 5th rounder to get a top 20 safety and a 7th rounder back?

I would … in a heart beat. I (young) starting quality player for a 5th rounder is a heck of a deal for sea. Diggs could be a solid start for years for them.

This trade isn’t popular with the players or the fans.


Agree with you Air,

Looking at it from Seattle’s perspective, it looks like they fleeced us, and they did.

There’s a couple ways to look at this. Some folks will say that Quinn traded a 5th for Snacks last year and got a steal. Well, not so fast. He rented Snacks for a 5th in a season that was already over. Then Snacks asked for an extension and got it. Now Snacks is playing like a 6th round pick at a very expensive price. It doesn’t look like we got as great of value as it initially looked this time last year.

Seattle traded a 5th for a 7th and a viable starting defensive back who is under contract for several years. Clean and done. They got great value and I don’t perceive Diggs being a diva whining about an extension this offseason, nor would he get one because Seattle’s front office runs circles around ours.

Just remember, if Quinn does end up flipping this low 5th round pick for a player, ask yourself, what is the catch, because there will be one.

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Okay let me start my chain of thought. Diggs was a 6th round pick, so based on pick value the Lions are kind of breaking even. Now I add in that Diggs play has dropped off since Patricia has taken over implementing his Defense. Now this might be due to DIggs not being a good fit for what Patricia wants to do, and he clearly does not fit the size and speed that Patricia has shown he is looking for at the position. Now on top of all of that Harris, while still making some rookie mistakes, was drafted to eventually take over for Diggs. It just now looks like it is happening sooner rather then later.

In the end I am okay with the trade, while locker room Diggs will be missed, Safety is the deepest position on the Lions team, so it does make since that is where a trade or cut would come from. Getting Harris more time on the field and at the position he was drafted for, is a plus.

Now Quin needs to make a move with that 5th rounder and help another area of the team.

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I wouldn’t say they are “breaking even.” I think anytime you can draft a player, have him contribute to your team and then later flip him for a pick at or higher than what you paid to draft him…you are coming out ahead from that standpoint.

I haven’t done an exhaustive film study or anything, but just going back to briefly look at some plays from games this season…maybe we are overrating what Diggs is contributing to the team a little bit? We’ve seen him do good things, but I’m thinking he’s not playing nearly as well as many of us think he is.


Drake would definitely help us. Wonderful out of the backfield too. Can split him out wide etc. He can actually even function as a deep threat in that capacity