What are your thoughts on Kerryon-- pro KEEP/pro MOVE ON?

I always did like KJ but it seems he can’t stay healthy long enough to really be counted on and this is the reason behind this post.

Why wouldn’t we keep him. Decent player when healthy who costs nothing. We need to add one more competent RB to the mix though

KJ is exactly what I thought he was going to be when he came out. I warned Pre-draft that his running style is prone to injuries. That he was best suited to be in a rotation and not a lead back. - Posters argued otherwise.

After his first season everyone wanted to see him be the lead back instead of a complimentary back. I warned he was not built for it and that he is best suited to be in a RBBC role. - Posters argued that they wanted KJ to get more carries.

Personally I think we over drafted him. I think he’s best suited to be in a rotation and that you can’t count on him to be an every down back. I think he lacks top end speed and when you look at the big picture you don’t spend that high of a draft pick on a complementary running back who isn’t a home run threat.

Do we keep him? … YES … you just have to accept him for who he is. He’s not a lead back. He’s a complimentary RB with a running style that leads to nagging injuries… my concern is that he will put together a full season in a contract year and we will reward him with a huge contract and over pay him. Only to see him revert back to nagging injuries.

If BQ was wise he would add in a second RB option to split carries with KJ. To help spread the load out. A RB that has home run threat capabilities. A RB built to carry the majority of the carries.

Don’t get me wrong. I like KJ in a rotational role and feel it’s best to keep him there.

If Quinn goes in the next season with the key backups at our back field skill positions being Jeff driskel and somebody like CJ Anderson he will have failed mightily


Keep for now, knowing he is not a true #1. He’s still worth the money on his rookie contract. He just can’t handle every down.

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Keep, with the idea that he isn’t a workhorse back. Lead back of a committee, quite possibly.
So put the committee around him. Scarbrough as a pounder and McKissic as the gadget/3rd down guy is a good start. Now see if you can improve upon that.
I’m less sold on Ty Johnson.

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Keep and of course look for the next new guy as well!

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I draft Young, if not there. move down. play devils advocate say we land Young fine. I draft Dobbins with our second pick , because RB here is a joke with only BO having any staying power. THEN we have Dobbins & BO, KJ at 3 bc he hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy. OK, we go defense heavily until our last pick where we get a WR.

Sounds about right to me
And yes, drafting a rotational RB where we did was too high an acquisition cost


At this point, he’s 2 years in with 2 to go on his rookie contract. The guy does have talent, and in a RBBC situation there’s no reason not to use him in tandem with Scarborough and Ty Johnson and whoever else they bring in, or keep McKissic. So I think it’s too soon to cut bait, unless he’s lost a step or the Lions have reason to believe he’ll never be the RB1 they hoped for. If it’s me I sign an FA RB rather than draft one, cuz I want the Lion defense to get a lot better in 2020 and beyond.

Ty blows and so does DJ McKissic. as I said… either way your paying a vet FA OR a rook draft pick. and yeah KJ IS useful when on the field, but typically that’s a very short while looking at a 16 season game and KJ is usually on injury before the BYE…so like I say all we really have to fully support the RB group is Bo. no matter what we are spending money on a free agent or a draft pick. the extra appeal to a FA?? is we save a draft pick by NOT taking an RB in the draft…we can use that same pick on a defensive player…

I don’t know what the deal is with Ty Johnson, but he’s just coming off his rookie year and I think it’s too early to dump the guy. The guy has wheels, so maybe he just needs to to better at picking his holes and hitting it and catching the ball out of the backfield. JMO, but I’d rather have an FA vet back there rather than a rookie, and I would definitely rather use our picks on the Defense or OL.

Keep him until he’s either too expensive or too run down.

This is the way of today’s NFL RB position, it seems.

Get what you can out of him over the next 2 years. I wouldn’t treat him with kid gloves, because whether you baby him or run the crap out of him, he can become injured at any time. RBs in this league should be used to their full extent, until they blow apart. Sounds rude, but it’s just the way I see it. If KJ is still you most talented RB in camp, then he should be used accordingly when the season starts. In my eyes he is light years better than anyone else that was on the roster last year. Therefore, he should get the most carries by far until he simply cannot go.

To be honest … from what I saw of Johnson I don’t think he’s gonna make it in the NFL. He has the speed that I think the Lions desperately need at RB so I was excited to have him but … he lacks vision and it was terribly obvious. Vision is one attribute that’s tough to teach. Don’t get me wrong a RB can improve his vision and decision making (so there’s hope) but from what I saw of Johnson he has a lot to work on. He would routinely run right into defenders when he didn’t need to. Add in the fact that he’s not the most physical runner and you have a recipe for failure. A RB like Johnson needs to use his speed and vision to win. He really should be a PS player until he improves. (If he can) He needs a lot of development. I think the Lions should look to upgrade.

Think of it this way - If the Lions added a feature RB with speed like Swift, Taylor or Dobbins it would be Ty Johnson who should be the odd man out. He brings only speed to the mix so he has the least to offer of the rest of our RB’s.

I agree with what your saying but in my eye’s he shouldn’t be the best RB on our roster. That’s the mistake BQ has made.

I firmly believe the Lions need to add a High quality 3 down RB with speed and solid receiving skills. Then delegate KJ into a lesser role where he can flourish.

Can’t argue with you on that. I am just looking at a roster then went from being 2-3 pieces away when Quinn arrived, to currently being 10 pieces away from being competitive. We won’t be able to fill nearly all the holes we currently have, so assuming we stand in a similar position at RB when the season starts, I go ahead and get every yard and carry out of KJ before he is inevitably out of the league.

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It really is disturbing at the lack of RB talent this team continues to field each year.


Yep, everyone on the planet knew that Cook had elite ability. Nobody ever saw that with KJ. He was just another good college back. Why Quinn feels the need to reach on virtually every single draft pick is disturbing.

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Quin has already decided who he wants based on his evaluation of team needs and his evaluation of talent. There is no other explanation for him reaching on players and moving up to take players that are head scratchers. We occasionally get the guy that fell, like Hand, but that’s the blind squirrel exception. I honestly trust most of the people on this board to make better decisions.