What can ya even say anymore



Looks like 74 has a pretty good grip of some facemask too.

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Yeah I think that was the point… They both had facemask

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Most definitely! They are both facemasking!
You know what? Completely believable!

Put that photo in with the Bahktari interview and what you see is they are playing the angle of the helmet.

You want to commit a penalty without getting caught? Steer the head downward.

You want to sell a penalty where one doesn’t exist? Fling your head upward and whine to the ref.

No team in the NFL is better at cheating and playing the refs than the Packers. And let’s be honest, that’s what this really is… Cheating.

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NFL is a joke.


And just to make the matter as clear and objective as I can, throwing aside all of the frustration of being cheated, I’ll mention this:

Years ago I watched an Umpire (baseball) explain that on many pitches, especially breakers and curves, he’s calling ball or strike based on how the catcher moves. If he’s peering over the catcher’s right shoulder, he can see if the ball is outside or not. But he’s relying on how much the catcher’s shoulder moves to determine whether the ball is low and inside. That’s the “tell” that the ump uses to call balls/strikes on some pitches. It’s impossible to track the ball all the way and see through the catcher. So, they’re following certain movements of the catcher.

Now look at the NFL. They used to key on 2 basic things to determine whether there was DPI, whether the DB’s head was turned to the QB or whether there was movement in the receiver’s jersey (which would signal a tug or hold). Another one to think about is the contact a defender makes with a QB. We were called for roughing the QB because the ref keyed in on the arm extension of the DE. That extension signaled a push, which drew the flag. Same thing on offensive pass interference… if the ref sees the WR’s arm fully extended, he’s reading that as a push-off.

It’s an inexact science. Everybody needs to come to terms with that. Us as fans, the entire league and the head office. Admit what is going on:

  1. Refs cannot see everything in real time.
  2. Bad calls are made because of it.
  3. Some teams are taking advantage of it.
  4. The sense of fair play is being destroyed.

Just go eye-in-the-sky and allow a ref with the benefit of the multiple angles that fans have buzz down like they do in college. Build in a margin of error where not every play will be stopped, but create a little redundancy in the system that allows the league to produce a level playing field that every team deserves.

A huge joke and the Leos are the punchline … as usual.

Don’t even fucking care anymore.

Tackling a receiver isn’t hard to see, and you don’t really need a “tell” for that. They got away with that as well.

That play is a lot closer than a still-shot makes it seem to be. Was it DPI? Yes. Was it a tackle while the ball was in the air? No. It was an excellent play by the DB more than anything. The refs see all of the arms in the air and the db batting the ball away. To them in real time, that’s a legal play. Even in the replay you can’t see for sure whether the receiver was impeded. As MJ’s arms go up to reach for the ball, the db’s arm goes up with him.

Will Redmond is the DB.

It was a tackle and it was clear as day live. Flip the jersey’s and the Packers get that call 10/10 times.

I was tryIng to just isolate the art of reffing without getting into a favoritism debate. There’s enough reason for changing the current method without going into a part of the conversation that some will reject.

It’s not necessarily even a favoritism thing, rather it’s being conditioned that such and such team plays in this manner. That’s why I like us going to man coverage. We will condition the refs to seeing contact.

Well…that and refs do in fact get caught up in the party when the Packer fans are roaring and they are playing “I don’t want to work…I just want to bang on the drums all day”

The refs tend to just let things go rather than rain on the party and get boo’d out of WI by the Cheeseheads.

Dead serious