What Could Possibly Go Wrong Thursday?

The league kicked off their mock draft today at 1pm. Already a technical snafu with Cincy’s first selection. This could really throw a wrench into things. How do you see things rolling out. Have fun with it during these stressful times.

Quinn accepts a deal with Miami. Miami says 5 and…then the phone cuts out. Bob assumed other picks are included. Basically we trade #3 for #5, but we get our guy, Okudah!

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Quinn and Patricia could show up wearing the same suit, and then one of them will have to run back to the hotel to change.


They should be wearing Lion onesies.


You know you’re going to hear more than one "f-bomb"drop. Kids running in, dogs barking, lots of background chatter. One think that is concerning though, is that you know a drafted player will have 10-20 of his posse jammin’ for face time.

If they are in onesies, that’s a different type of change altogether. Not it!

Lions unable to trade down. Get stuck at No. 3.


Yep - That’s my biggest concern as well.

This could go wrong as well…and that wouldn’t be good! Technical difficulties that prevent the draft from happening would be an extremely frustrating disaster for all involved.

Which leads to, will the NFL be flexible with its time allotments?

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Figure it out!?!

Morse code baby! Old school comm!!

Wish it gave us more information then that there was an Issue with the Bengals pick. Since the article clearly states that the order and players were randomized, so it isn’t like the first pic(which was the Cowgirls) had an issue. The question is was it the 3rd or the 30th or somewhere in between.

Quin’s phone connections don’t work. Back up walkie talkie system only works for
Patricia and Quin to converse with each other.

I’m assuming we will end up with Okuda regardless of how the 1st round shakes out. So my worst case scenario there is that we aren’t able to trade with Miami or the Chargers, and don’t score extra draft picks. After that, I worry that they will prioritize system fits over more talented players. If Quinn and Patricia are gone in 2021, I want the incoming staff to have more talented players to work with.


I want the incoming staff to have a clue what the hell they are doing . get rid of all the circus clowns in key positions and get some folks in with true game-winning know-how !

Honestly, I think the NFL screwed themselves with the Coronavirus thing. They aren’t letting people work out, they aren’t letting team doctors see guys like Tua that could really effect their draft position. So, why did they wait till the 23rd???

If the NFL was smart, they should have capitalized on this whole no-sports thing and just taken over the entire world. Starting say last Monday, have 5 draft picks each day. Give each team like 45 minutes to pick/trade, etc. So much coverage. Something for sports fans to watch. Just dominate the airwaves for weeks. Each day would have pre and post draft evaluations, grades, and shit like that.

I kinda feel we will be robbed by having it all jammed into 1 weekend. Then what?

It’s very hard to imagine a scenario where they were not able to trade down. It’s much more likely that BQ gambled that he could get more and instead got nothing.

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been some kind of conspiracy theory about New England taking advantage of the technology part of the draft. You got to figure they already have everybody’s phone lines bugged right?

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Seems like every thing could go wrong


The NFL might not be ready but the Zoom Media porn hackers will be

I installed a seat belt, w/shldr strap, onto my Lazy-Boy. This is going to better than “TIger King” & “Ozark” combined! The cherry is that its REAL!!!

Fuq-it…This will be pure entertainment!

We will trade down, MIA takes Tua, Giants trade back, and #4 is Herbert, we go with CY @ 5.

Extra picks turn into OT, DE, RB