What could slay want for a deal?

My cousin just sent this to me. I don’t think he is worth top 5 money at 30 years old. I want to keep him but at what number do you think he takes and the lions are willing to pay?

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IMO, I don’t think anything less than top 5 money gets it done. Slay knows he’s better than Xavier Rhodes, who fell off a cliff last season.

I love Kyle Riley’s comment in the twitter screen shot, like he knows anything about contract negotiations or what Slay is worth. lol. What a DB.

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Bob Quinn has no choice but to trade him, imho. The dude was given a big head for making a probowl he didn’t deserve. He had one all pro season 3 years ago, he is 30 and looking to hamper the team with some 5 year/90 million contract…GTFO…I would kindly thank Slay for his contributions, you will always be a Lion in our eyes and tell him good luck in the future as he fades into mediocrity.

Kyle’s not far off.
Diggs isn’t far off.
Give him a 68 million dollar deal with 32 in guarantees. We have him locked up for this year and next and as the contract increases in the 3rd and 4th year and if his play declines in that same time, he can be cut. No need to trade.


You make a lot more sense than Kyle LB.

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I also want to add that this could just be a guy having fun on social media. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Slay has publicly stated that he prefers to retire a Detroit Lion and that he loves it here. I think the Lions can work with him to get something done that makes both sides happy.

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You could be right. I have a sick sense of humor that if I was famous, I could see myself doing something to fuck with my following, especially the people that give me a lot of shit.


Diggs didn’t pull that number out of thin air. That’s probably the number he wants

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I was thinking the same thing. It came from somewhere to be “sounding right” to him.


Let’s start at $16m with a $100k fine everytime he gets burned.

Only if he get’s a Keenan Allen exemption

Well shit…just realized that they won’t play again for another four seasons.

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We all know Slay is not in the top tier CBs of the league. Good? Yes, but ot a top 10 CB. To give top 10 CB pay to Slay to me is SOL. Listen, if, if they give him that much money is only going to cut into a needed free agent or 2 signings. Cant believe this is a continued topic.

And if someone cant see this, take off the kool-aid glasses.

I believe that Slay is top 10 for what he’s asked to do: Play man-to-man. A lot of the corners that are ranked high are zone coverage CBs. But like any CB, he needs a pass rush that can generate pressure within 3-3.5 seconds. If that doesn’t happen: Not only Slay, but all of our CBs will look bad.

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Honestly, I also think he is top 10 in the league. My issue is not with paying the Darius Slay of the last 3 years his money. My issue is paying the Darius Slay of the next four years like he still the guy he has been for the last 4. He could drop off quickly. It is why for me i like @LineBusy idea about paying him up front the first two years and if he drops off you can cut him in year’s 3 or 4. But would he take something paying him 16 million a year the first two years with 32 guaranteed?