What defense will we be running?

I’ve read on here that there’s some speculation that we might switch to more of a 4-3 defense.
Does anyone know if there’s any truth to this?
I’m curious because I want to know what defenders in this draft will fit our defense or what we want do do?


i have heard the same speculation. People who have been saying that have been media guys on twitter in passing. I could try and find some of the tweets…

We’re running the same defense. “Multiple”

The defenders that fit are:
Interior defenders that can hold the point of attack, stack and shed, penetrate.
Edge defenders that can either rotate in for additional pass-rush or drop back into coverage.
Linebackers that can cover the 2nd level but also play on the line.
S’s that can cover deep and play in the box.
CB’s that can play man.
When looking at the front 7, you have to recognize the affinity for “length” in the player’s measurements because it allows the defender (with proper technique) to stay clean and play with leverage.

We played last year with 4-man fronts, predominately. That will remain the case. What you’re not going to see them do is revert to a scheme that doesn’t adhere to basic gap principles or containing QB’s. When the system is working (which requires the correct personnel), QB’s should not know who is coming and who is going save for 2 or 3 of the down linemen.

Can’t recommend this conversation enough:


Yeah, I kind of figured we’d be running something very similar to what we’ve been running.

Do you think we need someone similar to Danny Shelton to back Shelton up?

Personally, I love having two big DT’s that are hard to move. I like being able to control the middle…which is something that I think MP has said as well.

Not a real big DT class this year with Leki Fotu being the heaviest at 330lbs.

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Yeah, bud, it’s 100% essential that there is a person there that anchors the whole line. You’re right, he has talked about it and so has Quinn. That big guy in the middle is where the gaps flow from.

So, yeah, they need another Shelton. That big anchor who can also execute a little bit of a pass-rush. Currently they have Atkins behind Shelton. I’d be more comfortable with a guy challenging Shelton for the starting spot.

Then there’s also room for a DT that can play head-up on a Guard or a Tackle to create a pass-rush while still covering both of his gaps. Hand is excellent at this. Williams is a cheap backup. If there were a guy that you see as Suh-lite, he’d fit. This spot has a little better depth than the other DT spot, but it could still use a stud if one fell in our lap.

Neville Gallimore is an interesting DT. in Army All American Bowl. benches 500 pounds and squats 800. They call him Big Canada at Oklahoma 6’2 304 had 148 tackles , 18 for loss and 9 sacks , 5 FF. and was first-team All Big 12 as a senior. He is a gifted pure athlete @ DT…

said to be a 2nd-rounder.comparision is Quinton Williams . (not mine-Lindy’s Pro Football Draft Analysis.

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Actual the Lions have a couple of +300lbs on the roster that they might use to backup shelton.

Olive Sagapolu 78 DT 6-2 331 23 R Wisconsin

Nick Williams DT 6-4 310 30 4 Samford

A very slow one. I can see it know Stafford throws td with 2 min left only for the defense to give up the win at the end.

You’re right. I have Williams penciled in as Hand’s backup more than Shelton’s. I do believe he can take snaps from the nose, too, but I don’t know if he’s quite the immovable object they’re looking for.

I like Strong Jr to make the team, too, but he’s more in line with Hand and Williams.

Sagapoluto is on the outside looking in, IMO. He’d have to beat out Atkins for the backup spot to Shelton. Maybe he can do it.

Another DT is Herron, but he’d have to beat out Williams and Strong for a spot, IMO.

Hopefully a better one than last year!


Sounds like you’re having flashbacks

I hope one that doesn’t believe that giving the opposing quarterback all day to throw the ball is smart.

Or at least one where the DBs can cover guys perfectly for 15 seconds straight.

How many times have we seen that movie? :face_vomiting: