What Direction Will The Lions Take In The First Round?

This seems to be the million dollar question. Some years its pretty easy to guess one or two directions they might go. Not this year. To me, it seems as though the Lions needs and the top 10 talents don’t line up very well. Arguably, that is. We could probably use a QB (maybe 4 here in the top 10). We could probably use a CB (Maybe 2 here top 10), and we could definitely use a WR (maybe two or three here top 10 or so).

But if I had to guess, in a perfect world, they’d like to shore up the front seven with a dominant player.
Micah Parsons might fit that bill. A five star recruit who is immensely talented. However, I’m not sure he is a top 10 guy. Maybe. Off the ball LBs are not always the best choice for a top 10 pick, exceptions noted. Kwity Paye could be an option as the upside is there, but not sure of the fit, and I’m not sold on him that high.

I dunno, I see a bunch of QBs, WRs, and a couple of offensive tackles as our choices. Maybe a pass-catching TE. Maybe we reach for Kwity Paye. Maybe we take a chance on Parsons. We go WR we might not even get our first pick of them. Regardless… Pick 7 just doesn’t feel ideal to me, unless…

Unless we take a QB.

If we stay put at 7, I think this is the move if its there. There are risks here, clearly. I think to myself the odds that all four (five with Mac?) of these QBs become stars. The truth is the odds are small. Many teams reach for QBs out of desperation. I don’t want to do that. But at the same time, if there is one we like, this has to be the move. That could mean a trade up. Or maybe a trade up becomes unattainable or impractical.

The problem with taking a QB is what the teams want to do in front of us. Jags, probably Jets, maybe the Falcons, probably the Eagles at 6, probably Carolina right behind us. Maybe the Dolphins at 3. Lots of intrigue here.

Then we have a trade down scenario. But who is going to trade up if we can’t get a QB? Maybe we pass on a QB since we have Goff and another team wants him. Its possible. But who else do we get a trade up for?

I like the trade down scenario if we don’t draft a QB, it allows a player at a spot we need for more appropriate value. But it takes two to tango.

I’m not sure what direction I prefer quite yet.

Your thoughts?

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I think we have a ton of good options available to us. My only fear is that we will not take advantage of the opportunity. That would mean we played with scared money or we took a “tone” pick over the better players.

Playing with “scared money” is a term my buddy used to use alot. In this case it would mean that Holmes/Campbell go into a shell and just settle on a “safe” pick thats easy to justify…and not necessarily the best player on the board or guy with highest ceiling.

The “tone” pick would mean we took the guy who best exemplifies the attitude or playing style we are after…but isn’t necessarily the best player on the board.


I like where we are at in the draft. I see four QB’s two OT’s three WRs and a TE/WR as top 10 talents. All on O. SO it deosn’t meet our more immediate needs on D, but this year more than any other year - it doesn’t matter. We’re not going anywhere in 2021.

So, stay put, let the draft come to us. I think people may want to trade up for a WR or OT if QB’s are off the board. Pitts is going to be sought after as well.

The ideal scenario would be to trade down one or two spots and still get one of these guys (except for Pitts, thanks). And have another second rounder to fill in the many holes on D. Or if they like Parsons enough, go get him.

We’re in a great spot this year!



Whatever it is, as long as it’s not Kyle Pitts

I don’t know what I’ll do if we take Kyle Pitts.

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Seriously though, you’re right in that this is the big question. Getting Goff in the Stafford deal and tagging Golladay give them ultra flexibility. I can’t clearly see any kind of move they’re going to make. We also don’t have a great track record other than they will definitely move up for a QB if they want one.

I think after FA gets going an we also see the cuts an any adjustments in contracts …we can at least try an guess what them will do…If we add a couple WR.s or LBs in FA we could go different ways just right now many ways to go

I think you nailed it.
The depth of talent this year seems to be mostly QB, WR and a couple of OTs.

This is a damned if you do, damned if you do pick.

QB will draw criticism because folks are convinced Goff is more than a bridge (I’m not).
WR will draw criticism because the data suggests taking a QB anywhere in the 1st is as productive as taking one in the top 10.
OT is probably the biggest value but folks are already lining up against the non-sexy pick.

There really is no blue-chip talent projected as falling to us. That’s because outside of the 1 OT and Lawrence, there is no blue-chip talent.

I say let the fans vomit in their mouths and take the value pick (OT).

I want up-sizzle. Let’s add some MF’n Juice to the O and light up the league and force teams to get into NBA shootouts with us…until we get the D moving next year.

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I am not sure where this false off ball LBer narrative started but I’ve seen several posters say it on this board.

Parsons can play off ball. He’s actually very good in coverage. But he’s also excellent in the box and up on the LOS. In fact he’s a converted DE. He’s the most complete LBer to come out in a very long time.

He’s a stud at stopping the run, solid in coverage and and above average pass rusher.

Parsons finished 2019 with a team-high 109 tackles, 14 tackles for loss and five sacks.

Those aren’t off the ball LBer type stats. Let’s dig farther.

He steps up in big games.

Vs Kentucky in the citrus bowl he had 14 tackles, a tackle for loss and a forced fumble.

Vs Memphis in the Cotton bowl he had 14 tackles, three tackles for loss, two sacks, two forced fumbles, two pass breakups and a quarterback hit.

Vs Minnesota he had 11 tackles, two tackles for loss and a sack.

He had 10 or more tackles in seven games in 2019.

His career NCAAF stats are 191 total tackles, 18 tackles for loss, 6.5 sacks, five pass deflections, six forced fumbles (26 career games)

That’s not an off ball LBer. That’s a complete LBer.


Are you referring to TE Kyle Pitts again?

I’m curious who you think the safe tone type picks would be?

OT comes to mind.

We will take a Defensive Lineman after trading down

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That’s what I believe our goal will be too.

I think if Parsons is on the board he’s the pick. He’s safe, fills a huge need, and fits what the coaches want to do.

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Doesn’t fit the Rams M.O. We of course don’t know if that’s bc of Snead or Holmes but they didn’t seem to value off ball linebackers all that much.

If he’s not deemed to be too immature. Given the rumors of his background, he may have issues adjusting? Maybe not? He’s likely to be physically amazing. I just don’t want him to be a 2nd rendition of Titus Yupong

grinch smile GIF

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I am curious what you classify as an off ball LBer.

I keep seeing people wrongly classify Parsons as one and I’d like to understand why and where it’s coming from?

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We’ll all get more clarity after free agency and salary cap cuts. With that knowledge, the actual draft will make mincemeat of our carefully reasoned and ardently argued picks. That’s what my crystal ball says. Still, I’m gonna try because it’s too much fun.

At the moment, I see 4 QBs, Sewell, and a WR gone after #6. I hope some desperate team is fixated on the 5th QB: Jones, Lance or Fields.

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I think of that to mean a linebacker that is neither an edge nor primarily a run stuffing take on lead blocker type, but instead a guy that your defense tries to design space to roam and use their athleticism to chase down plays, cover etc. A player that is able to neutralize certain mismatches that an opposing offensive coordinator might scheme up.

I do think Parsons is a bit unique in that he probably in time could become a pretty good edge and he has been a really solid run stuffer at Penn State but I’d think if you draft him high you’re wanting to take advantage of his versatility and athleticism.

I could’ve said “non-edge” bc more than anything I was trying to exclude Terrell Lewis. If you do so you get 1 such prospect taken out of 26 first or second day picks during Holmes tenure as Dir. of College Scouting.

The draft is scheduled to be held from April 29 – May 1, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio

WTF are they doing in Cleveland?
Any of you cats going?