What do think about thee ILB's & OLB's

Kenneth Murray

Julian Ok

Logan Wilson

Jordan Brooks

Troy Dye

Zach Baun

Isiah Simmons just wonder who stands out and who you hope like hell we end up with.

I love Logan Wilson and I really like Baun. I also really like Malik Harrison and we coached all 3 at the Senior Bowl. I’d bet a lot of money we’ll wind up with at least one of them, and maybe 2.

Logan Wilson is one of the few guys that both fits the size requirements for our system and has the athleticism and coverage chops to address our biggest weakness for that position group. He’s be a fabulous addition.

I love Wilson but think Baun would be the better fit for us. (Simmons may be better in some other ways) while Simmons is more of the jack of all trades LB. But I really like Murray too. He is a sideline to sideline backer. Fast, and never stops. Motor is huge here. Murrays coverage ability needs work, and has tendencies to overrun ball carrier. I think this comes from him being so aggressive in his playing style.

Simmons is a beast! But I think he will be giving up some leverage in areas in the NFL. His size is not what I feel the Lions are looking for IMO.

So my pick at LB has to be Baun, then Murray.

Just my 2 cents.

they are ok I like few who are listed as edge but I think with there size an speed would be very good OLBs

Anfernee Jennings I really like him just waiting on his speed
Alex Highsmith,
Alton Robinson
Jabari Zuniga

Just a few who maybe fans should take closer look at an not just guys who get media hype.
Most of these can be day 3 picks check them out

Personally I’m not all that big on this LBer draft class.

Chaisson is a DE but I think he would project as an Edge / Jack LBer type for us. I really like Chaisson.

Simmons is an athletic freak but I personally think he’s a better fit at safety than LBer for us.

I like Murray because I love LBers with range. I think he fits but that means We’ve given up on Davis. I also doubt he makes it to us in round two.

I actually like Baun and think he could be a real target for us. Probably the most realistic possibility in the first 3 rounds.

Queen is too small for the MP mold but I like him as a player.

Harrison I’m more meh on but I’ll be honest I haven’t watched him as closely as others. But when a player rarely catches my eye during the game I tend to shy away.

Shaquille Quarterman is a potential later round sleeper who could help us.

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Zach Baun of the guys you named I actually like quite a bit …If you watched any Wisconsin games or tape he stood out in a big way .
With Baun I think the upside is huge and his best days are ahead of him and at LB in the NFL …He has learning to do playing the edge at Wisconsin but has showed he can cover when asked … I watched 2 games this year and in both he stood out against Ohio State

I really like Jennings and think he would be a good fit here.

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Murray is one i hope they think long on. I really like his skills.

I don’t know where or how he’d fit here, but Evan Weaver amassed 181 total tackles last season and 155 total tackles the season before that. Maybe I’m falling into a Jordan Dizon trap, but man that is some serious production. Guys I like in this draft are:

Patrick Queen
Zach Baun
Kenneth Murray
Jordan Brooks
Troy Dye
Malik Harrison
Evan Weaver

Murray to me is way too much like Davis. Great athlete but questionable instincts and bad in coverage.

Weaver’s a stud at run fits, he’s got maybe the best feel in the class for navigating the traffic at the mesh point. But he’s a below-average athlete and that’s at only 234 pounds, and for as good as he is going forward, he’s almost as bad going backwards. He’s your classic 2-down LB except he comes in a small frame.

Love Jennings his coverage abilities and his ability to set the edge. And he is a good pass rushers too. He fits what we need like a glove.

Logan Wilson was a WR in high school. He would from day 1 be our best coverage LB and can be a Fred Warner style modern LB IMO.

I like Jordyn Brooks as well but he’s nowhere near the same talent in coverage.

Weaver is a better athlete than Tavai. He’s not quite as stout but Weaver doesn’t play small.

I really like Weaver I just don’t know that we can to play two LBs with 4.75-4.8 speed.

I like Malik Harrison. Not sure where he falls in the draft, but I think he is the sort of guy that fits into what were trying to do. He can play all three spots, he has the size to stack and shed, and he ran a really good 3 cone which means he has good change of direction. From what I’ve seen he’s a sure tackler i.e doesn’t overpursue.

We already do when you consider a false step on every snap for JD.

Devon Kennard ran a 4.70
J. Tavai Ran a 4.83
C. Jones ran a 4.74
Davis Ran a 4.56 but this was hand timed. Which is always faster.

The Lions have a slow LBer Corp. I personally think this is a mistake by BQ.

If we’re going to add more LBers we should try to increase the speed of the unit.

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Agree! You always hear speed kills. Ummmm but not in this case?

Air, I too believe BQ is making a huge mistake, and it’s showing on the field and scoreboard as well.

I get why they want the larger backer. But speed is something we should covet in our LBs.

Our LBs are turtle slow. I can see maybe the mike LB being a little slower for the obvious reasons, but not all LBs.

Give me instincts over speed every day. We’ve had plenty of speed guys from Davis to Ernie Sims, but without instincts all that speed is worthless. Of course give me both speed and instincts if you can find that guy, but he usually costs a 1st round pick at least. And even then you can swing and miss (Davis, Sims, et al).