What do you think of Bevell?

As a coach and a potential HC? He’s the one who said “draft Russell Wilson” when he was in Seattle. I’m surprised by how good of a play caller he was in 2019. I wonder if he can do the HC job.

I ask because Tua is Wilson x2 (so I wonder if he’s saying “draft Tua for the future” to his boss) and also if the current regime fails, should we try to make Bevell HC in your honest opinion?


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I think the jury is still out.

At face value he seems like the best OC we’ve had since Linehan maybe even better than Linehan.

However he also makes a bonehead call or two from time to time. Which makes me wonder and have pause.

He also has to do a better job of getting the TE’s involved. This has plagued him for most of his career. He has to correct that.



However, to OP, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be a good HC. The difference between good coordinator and good HC is fairly massive.


He is fine to move the ball in between the 20s. His red zone play calling is a disgrace, and he wouldn’t be employed as an OC if it weren’t for the Lions.

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Is it his red zone play calling that’s the disgrace or the execution? Kind of hard to say I think.


When you have your right handed QB, rolling out to his left, while the game is on the line and taking all of your top weapons off the field… its not hard to see where the problem lies.

What other teams rotate their guards? What other team would have Glasgow off the field while Wiggins and Dahl play?

I think he is a top 10 OC in the league. Stafford looked better then ever. He carved out nice rolls for Marvin Hall and J.D. Mckiissic.

Looking forward to what he can do this year.


Yeah, that final play in Oakland game was really perplexing? I was at that game. All the Lions fans were quite perplexed. It was actually quite the feat that Stafford even got it close to Thomas.

He had a big hand in costing the Lions 2 wins last year. The timeout vs AZ and that idiotic play call vs the Raiders.

I would like to see what he could do with his own QB though and I think he would be a significant upgrade from Patricia from day 1.

He’s down like Aaron Neville!

Valid, however, I think its the geniuses-edge. Being unpredictable is part of being great. If unconventional play calling works, you’re a genius and if it doesn’t you’re an idiot. But it’s likely how you got into scoring range in the first place.

Btw, I counted 4 dropped TD passes last year (2 by Hock alone) and 3 red zone fumbles lost (1 by KJ 6 inches from pay dirt that was returned for a TD). Just finishing those 49 points would have taken us from the 18th scoring O in the league to the 11th even with 2nd and 3rd string QBs for half the year.

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Another untested head coach. Uh, nope. I think Bevell and Undin are really M
P’s first real coordinators. The one was like a hundred years old and Lombardi was an idiot. It was not a model for success. I don’t think Bevell would be the answer but I don’t hate it. I don’t like the MP presence on the sideline either. I want a little fire.


I like Bevell, he’s under the gun here because we have so few difference-makers, our RB unit as is…is sad, Stafford played half a season most recently , and we have a productive WR crop…may need another quality piece there due to an ending contract…we’ll see. But I already can appreciate what Bevell tried over what Jim Bob brought and I see Bevell as an improvement.

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I would guess Bevell had more influence in Seattle than he does here. If Tua doesn’t fit the Patriot mould then BQ and MP won’t consider it, no matter how much Bevell might want him.

Said it since Bevell was made our OC and I researched him …

He doesn’t want to be a HC.

He is very comfortable for his entire career where he is at… an OC

Go back and research it and you will find he can count on one hand the number of HC interviews he has had.

He’s doing what he likes to do and he’s happy at it… just me


That makes a lot of sense.

Becoming a coordinator at the NFL level is the pinnacle of football strategy and tactics. A coordinator can immerse himself in the Xs and Os, getting the control and flexibility to be innovative and creative while having all or most of the say in play calling.

Head coach is a totally different animal. It’s about the press, deciding what hotel you’re going to stay at, personalities, dealing with ownership and front office, and on and on and on. A lot of it ends up being CEO / people management stuff that only tangentially involves football. Frankly, guys who are really, really good at Xs and Os stuff seem to rarely have this other skill set. It’s why the Norv Turners and Wade Phillipses of the world eventually realized they’re happier as coordinators.


As they say on the military weapons / firing range “the best shooters donor make the best instructors and the best instructors are not always the best shooters”!