What does it all mean anyways?

Two of the 4 teams in the championship game and one is going to the super bowl had to pull a last second victory out of their ass to beat the lowly Lions and their Lowly coach. Is it possible the Lions are a lot closer then most think to being a dominant team? 2 above average additions (Dline) on the Lions in the form of a draft pick or free agent to pressure the QB and they are there. Maybe a dominant LB too. Yes, no, maybe?


You’re under 35 aren’t you?


that’s only funny cause it’s true.

Nope, be 61 in a couple months.

Sure why not?

I think most fans in Frisco were about ready to dump Shanahan and/or Saleh after 2018.

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I personally believe the Lions are closer but unfortunately having Patricia as head coach just ruins any chance!!!

So a team that has the 3rd string QB, 2nd and 3rd WR same thing at LB and DL almost beats the 4th best team in the league and the coach give them no chance when theyre at 100%?

I believe that talent trumps everything else in the NFL.

So I believe any team is a good Free Agency and a good NFL draft away from being a contender.

Unfortunately the Lions will draft a low return on investment player. Like a C, or TE in round one.

Nah, they drafted a TE last year and a center the year before.

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It means Quinn bets stop listening to all these outside talking heads and focus on one thing , getting this right if he gives a crap about saving his job or making this team truly improved this offseason.