What happened to Caldwell after Manning

was lost for the season.
Not making excuses…

Ummm he became OC of Baltimore then HC of the Lions.

Is this a trick question? :yum:


Caldwell was fired… and rightfully so. The Colts organization demands results unlike the Lions.


He got fired like these jokers should.


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Point is, it’s about the talent
Teryl Austin was a genius until he lost Suh
We had some talent on the d-line, but they were all injured. Need linebacker help
Do we want this to be blown up with a q-back in his prime?

Full disclosure- partial to Les Pauls myself


It’s already blown up.

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I thought Caldwell was " a leader of men" and you liked him?

Think we did the same…but don’t let facts get in the way!

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I agree it is about talent.
I fear we may have missed Staffords prime.

However our talent falls directly on BQ.

BQ chose to send RR and Warford packing. Both have proven to be above average NFL caliber players. He drafted Decker and could have had a pro bowl safety instead.

Bob Q. Has continued to draft positions that will have little immediate impact.

We get to watch BQ continue to ship out talent and replace that talent with struggling youth. This has left the roster lacking top end talent.


Here’s the scoop, Caldwell had a very short leash. Mrs. Ford gave him the extra year from what I understand. He didn’t get it done with what he had. After one more year of Cooter I know why that wasn’t working especially after the offense was up to #5 this year. I think Stafford came back from behind in the 4th qt a record number for any NFL team in one season. Granted this duo has not either but to blow it up now would be stupid, stupid stupid. I think next season we have these same results then heads are going to fall The Offense is top 5 when the 1’s are playing. Get the big pass rusher plus hand and Daniels back and they can’t get pressure on the QB and they keep throwing at will then yes, start the axe throwing

The Detroit Lions averaged more points per game in Caldwell’s final season than they did when Stafford played this year.


But but but … it’s a top 5 offense! No way!

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You are correct, Caldwells Lions avg 25.6 While Stafford’s 8 games this year was 25.5 Caldwells defense was 23.5 I believe where as Patricia’s is 25.8. Crazy how only a couple point difference can make that big of difference. When Stafford went down the Lions were 3/ 4 and 1 tie. The defense was a mash unit and only getting worse at the time, so Stafford or not, this was season was going south quickly. Might have made 8 and 8 out if Stafford doesn’t go down.

I love Caldwell. I hated the hire at first, but he won me over. He’s such a grinder, and really a solid coach. I mean… the man had 3/4 winning seasons as HC of the Detroit Lions. In his first year as HC in the NFL he went to the SB. He won 14 straight games in his HC debut. He took over an offense with 4 games left in the season, and led that QB (as QB coach before promotion to OC) to the greatest QB post season performance in NFL history in Joe Flacco. Caldwell’s resume speaks for itself. 5/7 winning seasons in the NFL as HC. QB guru.

I have no problem with them firing Jim Caldwell. I have a problem with them firing Jim Caldwell and having Matt Patricia as HC. That is taking about 10 steps back. The Lions need to fire Patricia. This thing is off the rails with him as HC.

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And Tomlinson was sent packing.

Also, he’s not always replacing talent with youth, sometimes it’s with 3rd contract unreliable place-holders, too.

There are a couple of building blocks type signings, but not enough.

Reiff signed a deal worth nearly $60M. I can understand moving on from him. That being said, I don’t want to do the same thing with Decker. He’s at a similar level as RR was. Go ahead and pay the man and quit this revolving door where we replace our LT every 4-5 years and waste 1st round picks on them.

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I’m as critical as anyone on the play of OL guys. I’ve been pounding the table for changes as much as anyone. I’m absolutely of the mind that we keep a pass-blocking LT who struggles in the run over a run-blocking LT who struggles in pass-pro as Reiff did. I have ZERO interest in moving on from Decker, as the risk is too high with the reward providing too little of a pay-off.

Replacing Wagner, there is no risk, only reward.
Ragnow at Center is finally something we can all rest easy on.
Dahl and Glasgow can be debated.

Decker should be thought of as one of the team’s building blocks at this point. If he’s not as good pulling and lead-blocking, then stop pulling him. Adjust the scheme to fit the talent. We’re not talking about putting lipstick on a pig here, we’re talking legitimate “playing to their strengths”.

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Agreed- the Decker situation reminds me of Backus-
Good, not all pro, but can be in place long enough to let us focus on more pressing needs