What I hope now!

We can still win 10-11 of our remaining games.

We get the Division title and host GB for a WC game and church thier ass 48-0…

That is all! :rage:

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We’re going to really have to go on a win streak now. With the tie, we need like 7 more wins minimum - my guess if we’re a wildcard. Probably more, the NFC is loaded. This loss put us behind the GB 8 ball for the division.

The good news is its do-able.


Yep - pissed off and focused!

We need to win the next three imho.

Here’s to hoping!!

Green Bay is a bit of a mirage. Would not surprise me if they closed our the season 5-5 or even 4-6.

What I hope is that Matt Patrica puts on his clown Goodell shirt again and steps up to the podium and blasts the officials and the league. Put some fire back in the fan base and locker room. Trey Flowers is Patricia’s guy. Coach needs to have his back in the public spot light.

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Fire definitely is not lacking in the fanbase!

I think the mentality going forward is us against the other team AND the refs, and we gotta be good enough to beat both of them. Shouldn’t be that way, but the truth is that you can’t let up on anybody. You gotta go hard on every snap cuz you never know when the next bad call or non-call is coming.

Hopefully the Lions come out on fire against Minny and blow them fuckers away.