What if Detroit accepted the Dolphins deal - check it out

Just for fun I thought what if the Lions took the deal supposedly the Dolphins are thinking about by getting the 3rd pick in the draft while keeping their 5th pick. They might give up picks 18, 26, and 39.

So, if the Lions took the deal what would they have if you simply took those current picks suggested by Walters Football mock for 2020. The Lions would end up with the following:

Picks: 18, 26, 35, 39, 67, 85, 109,149,166,182,235

According to Walters Football these picks could net you:

18 – Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State

26 – Josh Jones OT Houston

35 – Jonathon Taylor RB Wisconsin

39 – D’Andre Swift RB Georgia

67 – Kenny Willekes DE Michigan State

85 – Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma

109 – K.J. Hill WR Ohio State

149 – Shyheim Carter CB Alabama

166 – Charlie Heck OT North Carolina

182 – Javaris Davis CB Auburn

235 – Francis Bernard LB Utah

Would you accept this draft?

No. To me, that’s a terrible draft.

Defense is a colossal problem because they get no pressure on the QB, and the first 4 picks are offense?

Who is our 2nd best defensive player?

Marcus Trufant? Jamie Collins?

That sucks!

Exactly. Stay put in the top 6, get a defensive star.

Will Okudah be a Star right away? I’d think it’d take a season.

I think Okudah has a great rookie season just based on his coverage skills and the way he tackles. Most mocks have him going to us at three because he is such an elite talent at the position. If we’re forced to stay at 3 and Young is off the board, Okudah SHOULD be the pick.

Have to agree, horrible draft picks.

No! Perfect example of quantity over quality IMO. Beside, do you really trust QB picking players with a boat load of draft picks? I don’t trust him

that draft sucks. no need to double up on a OT and then RB.

I do like Hill at 109 though.

Love the trade. My momma said if you don’t have anything good to say…

You need to quit drinking or smoking whatever it is that you are doing. This draft is horrible. It will work on NFL 2020 though.

We need to go Defense.

That draft is based on multiple teams picking, not 1 team picking at all those spots. So to extrapolate that from Walterfootball and putting it as a “mock” isn’t entirely accurate but it sure is kinda interesting to see the caliber of talent that would be available.

Instead of Ezra Cleveland you could be talking Kinlaw, Jeudy, Henderson or whomever.

Instead of Josh Jones you could be talking Yetur Gross Matos or Aj Espinosa and do on and so forth.

So the real exercise is trying to understand the type of value of player you’d be getting at each selection.

To me, that’s a lot of darts to throw at the ol’ dart board. I think I’d actually be okay with that, provided I trusted the people making the selection, which sadly at this point I do not.

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Why the two OTs and two RBs? Did Noah park his Ark in BQ’s draft room.

For our pick they need to throw in more picks or future picks to drop that far . Imho.