What if it’s Wirfs or Willis at 3?

Or some other OT at 3?

You can make a case that drafting an OT at 3 has better value then say CB. I’m assuming Young is gone and no trade down.

I’m aware we just signed a T to nice juicy contract but we also have Decker entering his last year of his rookie deal and will get paid on the open market.

If Quin has shown us anything it’s he has been extremely safe with his first rd picks. Does that change this year with a “contend” or else season coming up?

I think a lot of folks would be disappointed if we take another OL in the first…

I don’t think I would hate the pick but folks need to consider this happening.

I’ve been saying for a while now that OT is probably our best value at pick 3 if CY isn’t there.


It’s possible. More likely if these guys weren’t win-now though.

Hard to argue. Maybe we can get a legit LT because I think Decker is as good as gone after this year. Perhaps Decker could carve out a longer career at RT and the Philly dude can rotate in or play inside a bit.


So I think it’s obvious I prefer Simmons.

That said…if we were staying put at 3 I would say value wise QB DE or OT are the only positions we should logically consider.

If we do go OT Wirfs should be the selection. Probably the safest player in the draft with his work ethic, tenacity, and overall athleticism. Dude could have been an olympic wrestler OR an olympic shotput/discuss guy. His floor is a top 5 guard IMO and his ceiling is a top 5 OT.

Again I believe he is probably the safest player in the draft.

Still prefer the trade down and Simmons though.


I have been thinking this for a while now.

Drafting the top OT allows the Lions a TON of flexibility. I think Vaitia slides in as a ROG where his run blocking skills would be a great benefit. It gives us options with Decker and on injury.

Look at this OL:
Decker, Dahl/Garnett, Ragnow, Vaitai, top rookie Wirfs/Becton/Thomas/Wills, Crosby as the swing tackle, center depth Beau Benzschawel and then a 9th OL guy if we want it. There is a lot to like with that plan.


What about trading #3 to jax for #9 & 20 ( not worrying about the rest of the comp). Could still get a top 3 OT and a starter at DE,CB, or DT.