What if Joe Burrow gets hurt tonight?

I’m just curious what you guys would think would happen with the draft if Burrow had a serious injury tonight?

Would that ruin our chance of a trade-down?

Clemson wins

Cincinatti is the big loser. The Lions will just have to pick at #3 and Brown would be the odds on favorite.

You have a serious infatuation with Derrick Brown.
For the Lions sake, I hope to heck they don’t draft Brown at pick 3…but on the other hand, taking Brown at 3 will probably mean we’ll be picking #1 overall in 2021 to take Trevor Lawrence.


Does anybody really think we’re going anyplace next year, anyway?
Make it happen. Then make Schwartz GM/HC and get him an administrative assistant (assman).

For people that understand value in the draft you are looking for the best big man early in the draft. Okudah could be the best CB in the draft, but a guy in the 3rd round could turn out to be better. Jeudy looks great, but a WR taken 5th at the position may become the better pro. There are few extremely athletic big men so it is much more difficult to find one later. Obviously you have to look at players individually, but our biggest defensive problem was a lack of push and pressure up the middle. Brown is exactly what the Lions lack the most.

Yes I think the Lions will be a playoff team next year.

So do I

Raises hand.

When I wanted Schwartz fired, the year he couldn’t win the division with all the other starting QBs injured, is the only time I ever rooted against Detroit in my life…because I wanted him gone. I’d puke if we hired him.

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Personally I think 3rd is a little high for Brown but if we’re stuck at 3 than I’d be ok with it. I like him much better after a trade down.

If Burrows is seriously hurt I still think a QB goes number 1 overall. But we would likely not find a trade partner.


What do you mean by serious? Torn ACL? Broken ankle? Torn Labrum? Depending on the injury, I may take him @ 3.