What is going on at Pen State

This school has a serious issue. I don’t know why any kid would want to go there. It is hard to believe they would allow another such incident.

Don’t worry, I’m sure James Franklin has everything in control. :roll_eyes:

Pen State, State Pen, I’m confused.


Very disturbing if true, but so far no other underclassman has come forward so until then I will side with the coaches and the university. Even if he was singled out I am sure the story would have spread and someone would come forward. Need more facts or at least a witness before we destroy a coach and a bunch of other kids.

He sure made Gross-Matos interviews with NFL teams interesting.

The article states they investigated related allegations and turned the results over to the DA who decided not to persue it. But it fails to state who made the allegations. We assume it’s one person but at this time we obviously don’t know. I suspect more will come out if there’s any truth to this. It’s a pretty vivid law suit. Which tends to give some credibility to it.

I think your right on Gross-Matos. He’s going to get a ton of questions about this.

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Also there’s some conflicting info going on here.

Pen state claims they could not substantiate the allegations. If so why did they turn it over to the DA? Why was Barber then suspended?

The allegations claim that there was an another person who made an anonymous tip too.

I am sure more will come out on this if true.

The bottom line is that it looks terrible for the program.

Step 1- Fill Fire Truck with bleach.
Step 2- Drive to PSU Athletic facility
Step 3- Sterilize.

Gross stuff…

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It’s an academic institution that got confused and thought it was a pro football franchise.

When the trustees didn’t shut the program down indefinitely after the Sadusky/Paterno scandal, they told the program just how important it was and it reverted to form within, what, a couple of cycles of coaches?


What’s even more Sad is PSU is a great University. It would continue to be a great university without a major football program.

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I still can’t get past the idea that only a handful of years removed from Pedo-gate they would hire as head coach a man who presided over a program that went through one of the worst rape scandals in the history of sports. The same man who proudly proclaimed that he doesn’t hire assistants without smoking hot wives or girlfriends. THAT is the moral clarity that you decide to hand over your battered program too.

I guess it’s all about wins and profit

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Not to mention he coached for the Packers.

Yet no one is talking about it. Putting a penis on a butt is not cool.

CYA. They turned it over to pass the buck.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s what a big organization has to do. They can’t throw a kid out of school with no evidence, but they also can’t appear to do anything that could come back as “not doing anything”.