What is "Lionsurance?"

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You mean like…

$1.0mil coverage for catastrophic claims protection, for property / personnel damage from Super Bowl celebration damage for only $19.57 a year?

God forbid people refuse to attend the game because of the play on the field.

IMO that is the problem in Detroit. People still continue to pay to go to the games, buy the merchandise. When the Ford’s realize people are fed up and aren’t buying their shit product anymore, then maybe they will wake up.

Until then, business as usual. Count the money and move on to the next losing season.


Until the NFL dies, this will never happen. Never proven to happen anywhere else.

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I will probably have to give away my final two games, I already have mine listed below face value. Just glad some dumb Cowboys fan bought my tickets for basically half of cost of my season tickets this year. Wish we played the Cowboys at home every year.


Yeah, Cowboys tickets are expensive as heck no matter who or where they are playing. It would definitely be a good strategy to sell your Cowboys tickets every year you can and offset the cost of the rest of the package. I remember back when I was at MSU some of my classmates would do that with the UM or the OSU game. That one sacrifice would pay for much of the season ticket package.

I never understood that method. I’ve been a season ticket holder for several teams over the years. One of the main reasons I bought them was to be guaranteed tickets to the big games and have my seats. I can’t comprehend how someone would wait all year for football season, then sell of the big games in order to pay to see their team beat up Rutgers.

Once I got older and a bit wiser, I went the opposite route. Instead of going down to Ford Field 10 times for maybe 2 good days of football, I cancelled my season tickets and IF the team is competitive at this time of the year, I would go on the secondary market and spend a couple hundred per ticket for 1 or 2 legit good games and sit anywhere I want.

Same goes for Michigan. Sat thru the human death penalty (Rich Rod) and the original clapper (Hoke) and bailed. Not only do they get you with the seat license scam, but every other year there is no high end home games. Why pay for 14 games over 2 years (say 2 grand) when you can just go to the good games for 400 bucks?

People can’t sell their big game tickets for big money unless there are people like YOU out there to buy them. I don’t think there’s necessarily a right or wrong way to go about it. I do have to add that we actually went to the school, so when UM or OSU came to town we were fully immersed in the experience, including the tailgating, whether we went to the game or not. The entire campus lit up, the dorms showed the games in the lounges and the bars were packed full. Being poor college kids, it was pretty cool to be able to buy season tickets, sell one game and basically get to go to all of the other games for free. And we wouldn’t have to “go to” the game to see Rutgers the same way the average outside fan would do it. Its a simple walk, short bike ride or have a buddy drop you off at the stadium.

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Quite frankly when it comes to college, heck even the NFL, tailgating is probably the best part of the process. I went to a UM game (first one ever) 2 years ago and the people around us were so rude (we were UM fans as well) to us and they kept trying to covet every square inch on the bench that it almost came to fists. Never again will I go to the Big House unless I am in a suite or something.

I never understood how people could call the Big House the quietest 100k people in the world, until I went to a game there.

I hear ya, and yes, it’s totally different coming from a students perspective. As I got older, I realized how valuable my time is and that even the best college teams only play 3-4 good teams all year. When it comes to the NFL and the Lions, I couldn’t imagine having season tickets in this era. For the 2nd year in a row, the season was over by Halloween. You could give me free tickets, parking and (3) $12 beers and there’s not a chance in hell I could go down there to watch these glorified exhibition games being played at Ford Field.

The NFL already runs one of the biggest scams on the planet by charging full price for the 2 preseason games, and when you are a team like the Lions you started the season with a home opening win vs the Chargers (cool), then a very entertaining but heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs (solid entertainment for sure), then a ass kicking by Minnesota (brutal afternoon). Then the season was over. 5 home games left and nothing to play for and nothing good to see. To each their own, but man I am thankful I got out of that racket.

It’s a joke policy that’s masqueraded as a “perk” for season ticket holders stupid enough to renew for another season of watching their terrible product. I’m canceling my season tickets after this season. If I go and see them play, it’ll be at an away game. I won’t further support this franchise financially.


Welcome to the club! My last straw was when Joey Harrington went to the Dolphins and came back here to drill us on Thanksgiving. We won 3 games that year and the entire team and front office was a joke. They literally mocked Joey in the pregame at Ford Field, then he asspacked us. Same old Lions in full effect all season.

Fast forward to March and the PR department started calling me every day about renewing my tickets. I flat out said “the fuckers just lost 13 games and haven’t made a single offseason move. I want to see what they draft before I hand them more money”. I asked them to hold my seats till the draft. They said they couldn’t do that. The end. I felt like it was a hard decision at the time, but it ended up the best decision I’ve made sports wise.

I know people think “as soon as I cancel my tickets, the team will be good”. Well, with the Lions, most likely not. However, if they did become really good one day, you can always buy tickets and spend a bit more and go see them when they become a good product. In fact, if most fans went this route, the idiot ownership may actually start paying attention and giving AF about the actual product instead of giving handouts to buddies and going cheap on hirings.

I’ve also been to as many road games and home games over the past decade. Make a nice trip out of it and enjoy it much more than the home games. They have a winning record on the road games I’ve gone to as well.

If having season tickets to anything is so toxic to your well-being, then I agree you gotta get rid of them. I like my seats, I only go to a few games and sell the rest or give them to family, and the price isn’t really that much of an issue for me.

It doesn’t have to be toxic. It’s just not a value or good entertainment.

I think sometimes season ticket holders go out of their way to justify or excuse bad teams, because they’re invested financially and the Lions have them over a barrel. I’ve been there, I know. Once I stopped pretending that watching meaningless games in November and December wasn’t as fun I was making it out to be, I moved on and haven’t regretted it for a second.

It’s really no different than a movie. Star Wars freaks wait years for a new movie. They buy the apparel, calendars, dress up as Chewbacca and plow their wives with their light sabers year round.

Then they buy tickets in advance, take a day off work, wait in line for hours, dress up like fools and they get THE PHANTOM MENACE. A total POS movie. Normal people watch that for 20 minutes and walk out of the theatre and never mention that they were even there. Star Wars groupies, go back to the theatre 2 or 3 more times and spend their money to watch it over and over again “in case there was something I was missing the first times I saw it”. Then they justify it somehow as if it wasn’t bad.

In this case, the Lions are The Phantom Menace on a continuous loop. Nothing has changed. The product still sucks. Stop buying tickets thinking J-Lo and Mila Kunis are going to pop up in lingerie, or that Bob Quinn and Patricia are all of a sudden going to become good at football stuff.