What is the percentage chance of Redskins taking Chase Young

I got it at 40% chance they dont. Reasons for not taking him.

  1. Its Rivera’s first year. The fastest way to build a team in your image is to acquire as many picks as possible.

  2. Are they really sold on Haskins? I just dont think he is that good.

  3. They are already stacked on the d-line.

  4. If I know Rivera I know he loves speedy linebackers. Thomas Davis, Shaq Thompson, and of course luke kuechly. Simmons has to look pretty good to him.

Of course Chase Young might be to good to pass up but I think there is a pretty good chance.

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Rivera rode defense to prominence in Carolina. Think Julius Peppers. Think Luke Kuechly. Yep. I’m a going to say 99.99999% they take Chase Young.


He chose Cam Newton over Von Miller, Patrick Peterson, J.J. Watt, and Nick Fairly. One of the best defensive drafts in recent memory.


Cam Newton brought him down, his defense never did.

It was also Rivera’s first year he got Cam Newton. He drafted a QB first and then focused on the defense.

I say 80% chance they draft Chase Young. Why? I’m glad you asked!

  1. Their defense will be really, really good with Chase. It is good without Chase.

  2. Is Tua or Herbert a MUCH lower chance of busting over Haskins? I say no. Haskins went 2-5 as a starter for the Skins but his two best games were his last two with ratings over 120. In three of those games his completion % was close to or over 70%. Unrelated…his lowest ratings came against the Lions with an under 50 rating. In short, to me Haskins played well enough to get a real look AND the available guys are not THAT good (or come with injury concerns). Not at the expense of LOSING Chase Young.

  3. I just don’t think teams will pay enough to move up to pass on Chase Young.

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I could see them trading down. They are already loaded on the d line. Really hoping someone trades to #2 and we end up with Young.


Hate it when the smart guys come in and poop all over my dreams!


Appreciate your input, per usual. Love the consistent fact-based opinions you always bring

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Haskins QBR was ranked 40th in the league last year. His best game was week 17 against the Giants. Crazy crazy things happen week 17 when teams tend not to play defense.

Im pretty sure that game is not for things to come for Haskins.

How can you say it’s 100%?
They traded-up to get Montez Sweat last year, they have a half-ass’ed QB prospect that can’t read a playbook in Haskins.
I’m not saying it won’t happen but I’m not saying it will either.

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40% Chase, there are many ways they can go and a lot of appealing prospects in this draft hell they may have a boner for Jeudy , Swift , Matos , Brown , Okudah , Burrow…who knows?

Funny thing is Julius Peppers was drafted in 2002, and left the Panthers for the Bears in 2010. Riverboat Ron started with the Panthers in 2011


Right One Leg…I have ,made that point myself in other posts. But Ron still had plenty of strong DL talent from Charles Johnson, Star L., and many others. Luke K. at LBer too. Ron gets why an excellent DL matters.

Also the Skins traded for Kyle Allen, who Rivera knows from Carolina. They may feel comfortable at QB, though we all know that Snyder loves his shiny new toys

The defense is why he got fired.

He also knows how important it is to have a good QB as well.
Do you think Haskins could have won on Ron’s Carolina teams?..I don’t.

It’s Chase or trade down. I don’t think Dan Snyder’s ego would allow for another 1st round QB so soon

If Miami steps up and wants to move up to 2 they have to at least consider that strongly IMO.

But it’s hilarious how many regular people and media claim that Ron coached Pep in Carolina in his prime or had something to do with drafting him.

Ron coached Pep when he wad 37 and 38

Whole internet at people’s fingertips and that post was super wrong

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It’s the QB/Owner dynamic for me. Haskins is Snyder’s pick, nobody else’s. He forced them to draft him last year. That said, that’s who they’re building around. It would take all of Miami’s firsts to move off of Young. I don’t think they’ll offer them, so it’s Young for Washington.