What LB's in this draft fit our defense?

I’m just wondering if anyone has a list of LB’s in this years draft that fit our defense?

One after the 5th round.

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I think Curtis Weaver in rd. 2. 6’3", 265 pounds, big wing span and hands and played all over the defense in Boise:

That defense looks familiar to me! He is everywhere lining up on both sides, in different roles, in zone coverages and he gets after the QB.


I’ll name 1 but I’m sure there’s plenty that fit our system
jonathan greenard

He does have 34-7/8" arms which was like 2nd longest of his group. We do know that MP likes long arms.

Actually Weavers wingspan is kinda average for his position. Big hands though. Both Kennard and Collins had wingspans in the 33" range, where Weaver is 32 3/8". The Kennard/Collins role is where I see Weaver fitting here and it looks like wingspan is one of the important factors to Patricia.

Still might be a good fit, just depends how important that inch or so of wingspan is.

Josh Uche has the prerequisite wingspan at 33 5/8, but might be a little light at 245. Both of these guys I look at in the Kennard/Collins role in our defense and would definitely consider if they fell to round 3.

Tavai has relatively short arms in the 31" range, I can only assume it’s not as important in an ILB type.

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I wouldn’t mind Logan Wilson. He actually has some coverage ability. 6’2, 240, 32 3/8 arms

He’s different than the guys mentioned so far in this thread who are more pass rushers, and would play in JRM and C Jones spots.

It depends on what kind of LB you’re talking about. Along the interior, guys like Logan Wilson, Malik Harrison and Jordyn Brooks are fits, and I really like the first two (though I don’t know that we’ll be drafting one high enough to grab one of them).

On the outside there are a lot of guys: Uche, Terrell Lewis, Chaisson, DJ Wonnum, Anfernee Jennings, Trevis Gipson, Darrell Taylor, Weaver, Kamara, Okwara, Greenard, Khalid Kareem, Alton Robinson, etc… In some cases we might decide to beef some of those guys up and drop them down onto the line permanently as a Flowers back-up for instance, but most of them have at least been mentioned as potential 3-4 LBs.

So, if you watch that footage of Weaver I’m not sure how you come away all that impressed. I came away impressed with Akers. The first thing I noticed is when he lost contain at @ 1:06. Yes he did line up all over, yes he had 3 tackles, 2 solo, 1 sack and 1,5 tackles for loss, but by and large yes they moved him around and he was invisible. On the flip side I came away really impressed with Greenard. My 2 cents.

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Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma 6’3", 241lbs is a Patricia type LB …His coverage needs work but he has the athlete in him and measurable’s Patricia covets …

To me he has Derreck Johnson type potential …Murray is not complete and not a coverage guy but what he does he does extremely well and I think he gets better as a Pro .

There are 2 things I’m not sure we can afford. First, anyone on D in the back 7 that doesn’t have coverage skills. Second, any receiver on O that isn’t rated as a good route runner.


Evan Weaver impresses me .

Yep. High school wide receiver. Wilson would be my pick in terms of inside backers.

I really like Azur Kamara as a developmental edge guy. 35 1/4 inch arms, 4.59 40. Only 245 but looks like he could carry 10 more pounds no problem. Quite raw though

I loved watching both Weaver and Ashtyn Davis at Cal. Not sure we go safety early enough to get Davis but I’d be excited to get Weaver on Day 3.

I was going to list him as after rd 3 type they should look at
Another i like Casey Toohill Stanford 6-4 250 4.62 33 1/2 again after rd 3 We may take one in RD 3 like Josh Uche Michigan who they had good look at in senior bowl

This Bowl did let Lions get closer look at some .

Kamara has the measurable but he doesn’t look very good on film. Just fine for a late round flyer, unfortunately Quinn will probably spend a 2nd rounder on him.

He was a soccer player growing up in West Africa. Didn’t play football until high school and missed nearly two full years bc of a knee injury. So he’s very raw.

I think he’ll go probably go in the sixth round and will be one of those guys that’s hard to stash on a practice squad but tough to keep rostered initially. Upside is huge though