What Lions jersey would you buy?

I’m looking to sell the only Lions jersey I have, not buy another one.

I’ve got at least three new NHL/AHL jerseys I’ve got to buy later this year, so …

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I only have one Lions jersey, it’s a Sanders rookie jersey. I paid $170 back then which was a lot. I think it was the last year the jersey’s were made by McGregor. Not sure what it would be worth now.

I’ve only actually had one other Lions jersey; oddly enough it was James Stewart.

I got the wrong RB!

At least it wasn’t Greg Hill!

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I bought a Hockenson jersey last year. Figured he be here for 4 years, never know with anybody else.

Lots of Slay Jerseys at the games. maybe they are trading him so people will have to buy something new.

The only Lions Jersey I own is a Barry Sanders throwback. After buying a Roy Williams, Charles Rogers, Kevin Jones, I realized Lions Jersey’s are a horrible investment.

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Barry will be the next one I buy.

Hoping we snag a HOF DT or RB (one can dream)

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Unfortunately I own a lot of those bad investments. Some I’m ashamed to admit I own to be honest.

I do own a signed Golden Tate, Herman Moore and signed Barry Sanders jersey.

I think I own more jerseys than most of you put together. Sad I know…

However there’s not a single player currently on the Lions who’s jersey I want. Maybe I would buy Golladay if they extend his contract.

If it’s not a Mitchell & Ness it’s not a throwback it’s a throw away. I actually dated a girl who worked for them and used to get a great deal. I would have never paid 300 bucks for a Jersey. I have Barry, LT, Morris, Tram, Lou, Gibson, Isiah, Dumars, Lambeer, Ty Cobb.

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Dated a girl whse mother worked for WCF. Had seats on the 35 yard line behind the bench about 20 rows up. Got good deals on gear, but none of you guys would know which players these were. They’re too old for you. They were all too small for my body, so they went to Good Wlll.

Niiiice! Love it, man. Lots of the same choices I’d make. I loved Isiah Thomas so much!

I forgot to add I have the entire fab 5 and a few other Jersey’s. To many to remember, I honestly haven’t worn any of them in about 10 years. They are in a box in my spare bedroom. I should look into selling them.

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When I went to the Raiders - Lions game last year, I saw an Az Hakim Jersey. I’d buy that for a dollar.

Hand if he rebounds

I have one but I wan’t $2 for it!


Not buying another jersey until something changes in the organization. I have a CJ chinese knockoff and a newer throwback of Golden Tate.

But my prized possesion is my 2-time Superbowl Champion Charlie Batch jersey I bought at a JC Penney in 1999 for like $20.

If I walked into a store and found jerseys discounted low enough for my frugal nature to open my wallet, it’d be Tavai. If there was a Quin jersey still on the shelf, I might buy it too.

Guys that I like on the team that could enter the conversation…
Kennard, Hockenson, Ragnow, Hand