What ....No love fest for Isaiah Simmons ? ....Okudah was a waste of a pick . Swift sucks

How did Isaiah Simmons do :rofl: ? PFF graded him 27.1

He started his first game and was then removed and only played 18 Snaps .Apparently he was not ready .

We sure could have used his first ever NFL play… which was a 15 YD Flag for a horse collar.

Or better yet we could have used his Elite RB cover skills that had RB Raheem Mostert, own him and bitch slap him when he took a five-yard pass over the middle 75 yards for a TD .

Isaiah Simmons said no more, he was not done yet …Rather than get beat like a drum again.by the RB … instead he covered the wrong player allowing RB McKionnon to be all by himself for a 5YD TD reception… 18 plays , 3 tackles (one was a Flag) and he allowed 2 TD’ s

Maybe we should let these rookies actually get some play and start a few games before the I told you so’s and guys are labeled busts or HOF’s … based on one start or no start .

With all the bashing of Okudah and Swift I figured Simmons deserved his share


Let’s resort to slamming other teams rookies that didn’t play well in order to make us feel better about our own players. SOL


I hope you’re building liquidity into your personal assets for those “the Lions will go at least 7-9” bets.

I’m already devising spending plans.


Are we talking about the team that won their football game?


Lols desperation at it’s finest.


I guess I will bite. Just to keep the conversation going. I like NYL…I actually wish i still shared his optimism. I’m quite convinced he is related in some way to someone on this staff.

That said…Lest we not forget Simmons was playing against probably the best running game in the NFC…and quite possibly defending the best overall player in the NFL.

Not exactly like facing Trubisky…if he would have even suited up.

I wanted Simmons more than anyone. But if you recall…not even I wanted him @ 3. He would have been a reach there…not as much as Okudah…but a reach nonetheless.

I would still take Simmons any day of the week and twice on Sunday over Okudah.

Well, the table is set for the rooks to come back strong at storied Lambeau Field. It was not a great week for either of them, one didn’t play and the other dropped an easy game winning TD pass.

If Swift had caught it, we’d be saying he was a great pick. 2 TDs including a game clincher in his rookie debut. He was in fact that close. Oh well.

So hopefully Jeff O is able to suit up and contribute at Lambeau. They will need all hands on deck. Maybe he can move over to the slot?

I’m confident Swift can put Sunday out of his mind and keep rolling. I think he’ll be fine. In fact, I think he’ll have something to prove.

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Cj Henderson put his equipment on, and went out and looked like a high first round draft choice IN HIS FIRST GAME.

How many years are we supposed to wait for Okudah to do something?

Let’s face it, until we have young players contributing to a winning record, it’s pretty clear our GM and HC are in over their heads when it comes to acquiring players and winning in the NFL. Facts.


Years? Lol. It’s even week 1. Jesus

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No one other than Chase Young was going to come in and make an impact on this shitty ass defense. In typical Lions fashion we were sitting at #3 and there wasnt really anyone worth the pick.

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There was someone on this board touting CJ and saying they liked Okudah but they felt he wasn’t worthy of a 3OA pick. That same guy said Simmons wasn’t ready and had holes in his game… No one was listening to him … Who was that guy?


Before the draft I said everyone at 3 was a reach. We were in a bad spot from the get go unless we traded down and we’ll we didn’t do that.

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You completely missed his point. He’s saying it’s foolish to write off Okudah as a bad pick after one game (a game in which he didn’t even play) by giving the Simmons example of a highly drafted rookie struggling in his first game.

I understand all the frustration with the Lions but the amount of vitriol directed towards Okudah proclaiming him as a bad pick before he even steps foot on the field is odd to say the least.


It’s not odd it’s the Lions. Look around the league. There were a number of rookies that not only played week 1 but played very well. We spent the number 3OA draft pick on a guy that couldn’t come in and take a spot from Amani (who looked terrible) or Trufant (who looked even worse). I’m not saying Okudah is a bust or has a zero shot at becoming a pro bowler, however, throwing guys like Simmons under the bus isn’t gonna make me feel any better about him.


Again (and the other NYL can confirm if he’d like), it’s not about feeling better about the Okudah pick, it’s about illustrating how ridiculous it is to declare Okudah as a bad pick already. It’s 1 freaking game or zero in Okudah’s case. People bringing up Henderson’s solid debut as if that means anything in the long run. Come on guys, it’s ridiculous.


I think Okudah will be fine and I expect him to be a very good player for us.

However there were a few posters who stated predraft that Okudah was a reach at 3AO. Some of those same posters brought up how we could get CJ and how good CJ was. Those posters were slammed and ridiculed for these two points. Those posters, Who were pro Okudah at 3OA, made comments about how Okudah was the most NFL ready CB in the draft. Those very same posters are now claiming we need to give Okudah time.

I like Okudah … I think he will be fine.

But him not starting and having early struggles proves that 3OA was a reach for him. Which is all some of us were saying predraft. We were called haters for pointing that obvious fact out. Which was far from the truth.

Most of the people pointing out CJ vs Okudah aren’t hating on Okudah. They are just pointing out the same points they made predraft.

BQ reached for Okudah. Just like he reached for Hock. This is a common theme with BQ.


Nothing has proven that he was a reach at #3. It’s 1 game. There’s no need to gloat about anything at this point. It’s silly to proclaim anything after one game, zero games in Okudah’s case.

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Lots of people who watched his film, including me, didn’t think Simmons was ready to play LB. Lots of raw talent but doesn’t have LB instincts.
Did he line up at LB or S?

I made this very argument predraft - But apparently it’s gloating to point that out.