What round do you think Hurts goes?

I’m just curious where you guys project Hurts to get drafted, what round?

I think it depends on how fast the other QBs go but probably around top to middle of the 2nd

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What they’re saying about Jalen Hurts’ NFL Draft stock



From Heisman finalist and beloved dual-threat quarterback to being a package player at the next level?

That’s what Jalen Hurts is facing ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft despite a decorated career as a passer.

After a so-so performance in Oklahoma’s blowout loss in the College Football Playoff vs. LSU, Hurts’ draft stock is a mystery compared to other high-profile signal callers. The question coming into his final campaign was Hurts’ downfield prowess and whether he could show polish as a passer, but those opportunities against good teams late on the schedule never came to fruition.

Despite posting a career-best 3,851 yards passing and 32 touchdowns as the facilitator for the Sooners leading to Heisman finalist candidacy, there were some inconsistencies and decision-making issues — negatives during his tenure at Alabama as well — that give NFL scouts and evaluators pause.

ESPN’s Todd McShay doesn’t believe Hurts is a top-flight prospect at the position.

“I see Hurts as a Day 3 prospect right now, and a few people I’ve talked to around the league agree,” McShay said in October. "Actually, I think the third round could be his ceiling. But you have to factor in how (Baker) Mayfield’s and (Kyler) Murray’s seasons go. If they look impressive, the Riley factor gets an even bigger bump. After all, Mayfield’s first-year success helped Murray’s stock.

“If Mayfield remains inconsistent in Year 2 and Murray continues his rookie struggles, expect the ‘Riley scheme’ narrative to dull NFL teams’ interest in taking an early-round gamble on Hurts.”

Here’s some of the national takes on Hurts’ NFL stock coming out of bowl season:

Dane Brugler :heavy_check_mark: @dpbrugler

Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts are both dual-threat QBs.

Aside from that fact, they are very, very different players both in skill level and style. Jackson’s MVP 2019 season means very little for Hurts’ NFL projection, IMO.


7:11 PM - Dec 28, 2019

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Dane Brugler :heavy_check_mark: @dpbrugler

That 1st half was a snapshot of my concerns about Jalen Hurts’ NFL transition.

Tends to hold the ball too long, doesn’t anticipate and telegraphs his throws, allowing defenders to get a beat and make a play. The concerns out-weigh the highlights right now.


1:43 PM - Dec 7, 2019

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Two opinion-based tweets from The Athletic’s Dane Brugler and both make a similar point — Hurts doesn’t stand out on film as a passer like Jackson, whom many are comparing him to in terms of maximum ceiling. Hurts has never been as polished from the pocket, but his strengths on the move and ability to make something positive happen out of a broken play resemble the Baltimore Ravens’ MVP candidate.

Cole Cubelic :heavy_check_mark: @colecubelic

If I’m an @NFL GM I’m drafting @JalenHurts for the Taysom Hill role.


3:51 PM - Jan 5, 2020 · Homewood, AL

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Interesting note here from the ESPN college football analyst on Hurts’ potential impact at the next level. Hill, a situational weapon for the New Orleans Saints, played quarterback at BYU, but has found his niche in a hybrid role in the NFL, specifically on third down and in red zone situations. This season, Hill averaged 5.8 yards per carry, made 19 receptions and attempted six passes. If the overwhelming majority of league teams in fact do value Hurts in this role, they won’t likely take him with an early-round selection, not when there’s other players out there who are Day 1 starters.

Marcus Mosher :heavy_check_mark: @Marcus_Mosher

One thing is clear about Jalen Hurts is that he needs to speed up everything he does.

Everything feels very methodical and OU’s line usually held up.

That’s going to have to improve in the NFL.


2:49 PM - Jan 8, 2020

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See Marcus Mosher’s other Tweets

During Hurts’ career at Alabama, the Crimson Tide’s offensive staff tried to simplify reads and cater to their offensive weapon’s strengths. Against elite defenses however, Alabama was forced to adjust when the passing game was essentially taken away. This happened in the national championship game two seasons ago when Hurts was benched at halftime due to inefficiency. Ironically, he led a second-half comeback against Georgia in the SEC Championship the following season following Tua Tagovailoa’s ankle injury. Oklahoma’s offense wasn’t complex either by comparison and Riley made sure it was run-geared with Hurts back there.

Aaron Leming :heavy_check_mark: @AaronLemingNFL

I don’t honestly know how NFL fans can watch Jalen Hurts & says “wow, I want to spend a high pick on this guy.”

His numbers are mostly a product of this offense but as a developmental prospect, he leaves A LOT to be desired.


9:54 PM - Nov 30, 2019

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“Developmental prospect” is a bit harsh considering Hurts’ experience, but there are noticeable weaknesses compared to other mid-tier quarterbacks in this class. According to CBS Sports’ updated quarterback prospect rankings, Hurts is ranked in the middle (7 out of 14) of the pack for draft-eligible players. He is behind a few obvious choices, as well as Utah State’s Jordan Love and Georgia’s Jake Fromm.

Alex Kirshner :heavy_check_mark: @alex_kirshner

I have a thought about Jalen Hurts’ NFL career.

He’s helped get four teams to the Playoff in four years. The Playoff is a multi-billion dollar operation and Hurts’ compensation was scholarships, room, and board. That sucks! He should be rich


7:23 PM - Dec 28, 2019

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But that’s not how it works, is it? No doubt, Hurts leaves a lasting impact on college football as one of the most respected quarterbacks of the decade given what he endured at Alabama before leading another team to the final four. There aren’t many players who have played on the big stage like Hurts, who was the SEC’s Freshman of the Year in 2016 and helped his team get to the national title game before winning it the next year.

bomani :heavy_check_mark: @bomani_jones

yeah so, i don’t think lamar jackson being successful in the nfl has much connection to jalen hurts. at all.


7:07 PM - Dec 28, 2019

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Respected ESPN analyst Bomani Jones shares an opinion many have on Hurts — stop comparing him to Jackson because they’re both dual-threat players. Jackson was considerably higher as a passer at Louisville despite not getting much love at the NFL combine. In fact, this widespread disbelief he’d ever amount to a successful signal caller in the NFL is something that motivates Jackson now, even after a record-setting year with the Ravens. Perhaps Hurts can use the lack of pre-draft buildup to his advantage as well — bulletin board material when passed by teams in the draft.

I’m guessing bottom of the 2nd to top of the 3rd because backup QB’s do hold a degree of value, especially when you can get them out there in packages like Hill.

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That’s a big investment in a gadget player. I don’t see him ever becoming a successful NFL QB.

I think the Bears should grab him in round two though I would prefer that they not do that.

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I think he will go in the 3rd round. I suppose if Bevell is drooling over him, I wouldn’t throw a fit if we drafted him there, as long as we draft defense in rounds 1 and 2

I want NO part of Hurts…he’s a late round prospect for me, he is not a starter in the NFL.

I’m not saying I disagree with you. I just think that Bevell is the only person paid by the Lions organization that I trust to determine that. No way would I let Quinn or Patricia make that call.

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Oklahoma hasn’t put out a quality QB since Troy Aikman. Their air raid offense dazzles people with stats, but it’s a gimmick. Obviously Bevell’s evaluation is the be all, end all, but it’s pretty clear that the QBs are a product of that system. Hurts does not read a defense well and his accuracy is very suspect, I see sacks and picks, a lot of them, if he ever plays in the NFL

I’ll say I dislike him as a project, and wouldn’t spend a 5th or better on him. But I disliked Mayfield and Murray as first round options, so what do I know.
3rd round to the Steelers.

Personally , I don’t want him unless he falls to day three. But someone will spiil a third on him.

Yeah, I don’t know how he will develop, but I do hope our next QB has some running ability. Stafford is an aging statue waiting to be hit and the NFL game isn’t geared towards that anymore.

I read somewhere that they were glad his career was over in Oklahoma because he was a “dick” and not well liked by the coaches. Saban doesn’t let talent just walk away. I think he will flash for a short time then disappear.

If we want a later round guy to develop then go for James Morgan. He is from Green Bay so watch the Pack get him to groom behind Rodgers. He was the star QB of the east west game. he goes middle 3rd to late 4th IMWO…In My Worthless Opinion.

At East-West Shrine, FIU QB James Morgan also met with Dolphins, Vikings, Patriots, Saints, Giants, Jets, Raiders, Eagles, 49ers, Seahawks, Titans, Washington, Ravens, Bills, Bears, Buccaneers, among others

Quinn is going stealth on this one. Funny after the Shrine game Walters football has us taking him in the 4th round.

Love Hurts.

I think most everyone’s credits Troy Aikman as a product of UCLA rather than the run based offense he transferred in from.

I also think the consensus is that Kyler is going to be really, really good.

We’ll see, I’m pretty skeptical about what kind of success he’ll have. Wait and see, his talent doesn’t jump off the screen at me, his speed does.

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I think most understand that Kyler Murray is a top talent.

BuT hE’s ToO sMaLl

His arm talent doesn’t impress you? Murray’s got top 5-7 arm talent in the league IMO.

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Yes he does. He can make all the throws.